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Dwarves have good ideas too. March 19, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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Kilanna over a Dwarven Runes made an interesting post yesterday. She pondered what our choice of character says about our personalities.

I think this is an interesting question and one I’ve thought about over the years too. Just what does our choice of character race and character class say about us?

I’ve typically played two races in my entire 10 year MMORPG career, barbarians and humans. Of course I’ve dabbled with other races, but I can’t “connect” with them and end up going back to something more familiar. Cilantro, my swashbuckler, was my first elf to make it past newbie levels, and he’s only halfelf ;) He was also an off and on character for a long time before I really decided I liked him.

Barbarians are my race of choice generally. I consider them strong yet fun loving, loud and full of life, loyal and dependable – all character traits I admire in people and try to cultivate in myself.  They allow me to “let go” some and be a little gruff and good humored.

Humans always make me feel more like myself. My human characters usually wind up being healers and I suppose this is my time to be more academic and supporting.

I’m just comfortable “in my own skin” I guess. Does this mean I am not very adventurous? :) I just can not connect with races that are too far from the normal human look. Elves are somewhat tolerable for me, but I can’t play things like kerra, ogre’s, halflings or the like.

I basically stick to two classes in MMORPGS, tank and healer. I like to be an integral part of anything I am doing I guess. I like to be a “responsible” class. One thing I have also learned about myself over the years is I like to be a “protector”, in real life and in game. Trust me when I say it’s caused me lots of problems throughout the years and has taken me a long time to realize what was going on there.

Castillion was my first ever mage class. I tried a necromancer in EQ1 when I first started, once, so that doesn’t really count. I never thought I’d enjoy a cloth wearing class but I’ve really fallen in love with the chanter. I would guess it’s because the class is so useful and can impact group success in such a huge way, maybe I’ve always had a mage inside of me, or perhaps I have slowly changed over the years.

That raises another question, does a significant change in preferences for character race/class in MMORPG’s reflect a change in personality?

Yeah, maybe we are getting too deep with this, but I think it’s probably accurate for at least some of us out there.

Interesting food for thought anyway, thanks Kilanna!



1. Chus - March 23, 2009

Deep thoughts? I like it, as your main neither a tank or a healer. Wait Cast does tank for a nanosecond from time to time> Maybe the personality is split into as many high level alts we run in game. Is it ok to talk to ourself as other classes? Do we have any real class at all? Is whats behind the box more disturbing than the face we put on it? Maybe we’re just manics with many disturbed squirrels in our heads. Maybe were just nuts. Who can say but I vote for totally nuts.

2. castillion - March 23, 2009

Chus, your character is a female dark elf necromancer who runs around in a Jester’s cap.

So, we have a notoriously crazy/mentally unbalanced race combined with a notoriously carzy/mentally unbalanced class, then you dress out in clothes that make you appear even MORE crazy…

Yeah, I’d say it’s fitting. Maybe there is something to this after all ;)

3. Chus - March 23, 2009

Don’t forget the feminine mood swings and unpredictable behavior. The shoe fits, get it on sale!

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