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Lag Kills. March 20, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.
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Paybacks are hell. Varsoon pwned some newbs last night. We pulled him and pulled him and pulled him and could not kill him. I felt really badly for Anep’s friend that we brought, he didn’t get his update :(

Why couldn’t we kill him? The lag in Palace was horrendous last night and unfortunately this event is not lag friendly. We knew it was going to be an issue and even relogged before we tried killing him, but it just never went away. 1 second spell lag in this event can be the difference between interrupting his curse and not interrupting his curse, and in the blades room that’s the difference between life and death. Lag in the fire room means slow heals, which means dead group. We weren’t able to get him to the life room. It was ridiculous and incredibly irritating. I hope it’s better this weekend.

That’s pretty much all we did last night besides sit in the guild hall and duel each other. Anep is a freaking monster on his SK and hardly anyone can beat him, so we all have to try occasionally. I managed to slaughter him several times though. A Shadowknight getting spanked by a cloth-wearing nerd. How embarassing.

(Ok I had to ask him not to use Death Touch, and after a few deaths he pumped up his resists and killed me, but whatev.)

Switching gears somewhat, it’s that time again. After the guardian experiment, which was followed by the guardian failure, I’ve been thinking of what alt to create next. We also have this shiny new third account that we really haven’t used yet. I’ve created a warlock to sate my DPS needs, but I don’t know if that’s the wisest choice at the moment. I currently have a level 80 Paladin, Coercer, and Swashbuckler. I’d like to add a healer to the mix, as I’ve talked about before, but I just can’t get into the defiler, or shaman in general; I don’t want an inquisitor, and druids really aren’t my cup of tea, that leaves Templar.

I’ve avoided the Templar thus far because of Sinnir and I don’t really want to be schooled by my wife’s mad healing skillz. I’m starting to get the itch though and the more I think about it the more I want to create one. I’m thinking high elf templar. Oh yes. The decision is made. I will create a templar and I will show Sinnir how to REALLY heal. Screw her! I WILL BE THE HIGH PREIST IN THIS HIZZOUSE! (just kidding babe <3)

Yep, gonna do it. I will dink around with it this weekend. Luckily I have Saynt to Mentor and box with, so it shouldn’t be horribly painful leveling. So, we’ve decided High Elf (my warlock is high elf and I have a look I like) Templar, now to think of a name. The hardest part!

We all know I will not stick with an alt now that I’ve made Castillion, but let’s all pretend.

We also have some raids in some zones this weekend. I forget where. Raids are just places I go to punish myself as I watch loot slip through my fingers. It’s my penance. I deserve the pain. It cleanses my sins.




1. necrotherian - March 20, 2009

Names, for some reason, come easy to me. In EQ, I had a pally that I spent all of 15 seconds pondering about before settling on Guditushuz (Pronounced Goody-Two-Shoes).

I tend to either go for an alternate spelling of a normal phrase, a literary reference (generally obscure such as in the case of my conjy Melnibonean, which is a reference to Elric of Melnibone created by Michael Moorcock), or something combining the character’s class and either an aspect of their race or something else I apparently pull from the aether. Sometimes, however, I decide to part from even that formula, as is the case with Lawls, my Trouby (although it could be argued that Lawls is an alternate spelling of LOLs, which would adhere to the first).

This does tend to make for some difficult to spell names. However, it does seem to decrease the amount of spam I get. I get far less spam on Necrotherian, than I do on Lawls.

Hope this helped,
Necrotherian Lootsalot

2. castillion - March 20, 2009

I generally try to think of unique names, and many of my characters in MMORPGs use names that I stole from my pen-and-paper characters.

Cilantro was originally a character in a pen and paper RPG based on DnD in a fantasy world setting my friends and I created. He was a “north” elf swashbuckler. North Elves being a somewhat barbaric and a very hedonistic race and flashy race. I used the name Cilantro because it rolled off the tongue and, hey, no one in that world knew it was an herb.

Castillion, his name is drawn from that same world we created. It was not a character name, but a region in the world that I created, Castille. It was a spanish influenced area that was rich in power and poor on morals. Many a dark wizard or power hungry necro called Castille home. So, Castillion the coercer is fitting.

Saynt, well he’s a pally and Sinnir is my wife’s templar, so hey they go together. Kinda self explanatory there :p

McMad – he name was also drawn from one of our DnD campaigns, but was actually the last name of one of a friend’s characters.

The only real “guideline” that I try to follow in MMORPGS is to try to keep it relatively short and easy to spell. Cause I hate typing names like Worknemangel.

Currently my new warlock’s name is Exthiel, I may steal it for the Templar. It’s very high elfish to me. I dunno, I should be thinking about what I want to name him ;)

3. Sinn - March 23, 2009

You will never top my heal’n skillz, keep dream! Got a LONG ways to go to catch my 104% base heal crit (without my t2 5 piece proc :P) muahahahahaha! OK OK anythin over 80ish% isa waste i know but still funny. I’ll let you apprentice for awhile see if youre worthy :P! O hell who am i kidding, you’ve done your share of healing over the years, im sure you’ll do just fine :)

4. Chus - March 23, 2009

Personally for naming I keep a Merriam-Webster close at hand for just such an occasion. If I don’t flip to something interesting, or worse taken, word/name my backup is Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary.

Chus Came from page 669 of a Sullivan Algebra book. Its short for Cha Shih-chieh. So if you really really want to super nerd it up Find out what that is and then beat yourself with a stick for doing so. In summery keep name short but interesting, all names have to mean something. I guess.

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