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Who was the evil version? March 23, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.
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Well it wasn’t a hugely productive weekend, but it was fun non-the-less.

Friday night Palace of the Ancient One was the scheduled raid, but the servers had other ideas. 1.5 hours of server downtime right at the start of raid time is a raid killer ;) So, as that was off the agenda, when the servers came up we decided to Second String Protector’s Realm again. We went in there with 9 people..again..and managed to kill Doomcoil this time.

I forgot to mention that it was Sasspanz’s birthday so we were all celebrating….especially Sass. Where does Second String go when we are feeling no pain? Yes, Palace of Ferzhul. There’s something about being hammered and watching drunk folk try to run up those stairs that just makes us giggle. So after PR we ran over there.

We actually managed to kill everything up to Varsoon but I think Sass had stripped naked, ran around the parking lot of her apartment complex, tried to jump out of a window, sang us some songs on vent that were indistinguishable as far as artist or title, and had finally fallen over and started drooling on her keyboard by the time we got to Varsoon’s room.

Happy Birthday Sass ;) I hope Anep didn’t have too much cleaning to do the next day.

Since Sass and Anep were off the rest of the weekend celebrating, that left Saturday pretty free. We did have a raid, VP, which we finished clearing the zone. It was fun!

I then hopped over to Saynt and did a pick up group for Deep Forge and then Scion. I killed them..a lot. I actually started to feel bad. Here’s a hint though, when tank says stay here I will pull back to you, it doesn’t mean see how close you can get to his ass without touching it when he’s pulling. You die like that. Of course, a lot of the deaths were my fault too, I was newbing it up and moving too fast/pulling too much for the group we had. I had to change the pace a little and we did much better.

That was enough to remind me why I shouldn’t be tanking for pick up groups, so I swapped over to Castillion and decided to try and pug a little on him, at least that way I can make fun of the tank for killing us instead of being the tank that is killing us. I did a couple of small things, then I got a tell from a friend, who is a great Paladin, asking if I’d like to do Palace of Ferzhul as well as kill Varsoon. I immediately said, “Hell yes”.

We formed up and he proceeded to make, what I thought at the time, a pretty weird group setup – Paladin, Coercer, Illusionist, Dirge, Troubadour, and Defiler. I thought to myself “4 utility classes and one healer for Varsoon, this should be fun” Well, it was! That group set up is just sickening with everyone buffing each other’s DPS, it was outrageous. I was parsing higher than I have ever parsed, and higher than I thought I could parse ;) The illy was outparsing me, but I felt ok about that as he was a hardcore raider from one of the new MistMoore high-end guilds and was very well-geared. I was giving him a run for his money though, and beating him sometimes, which is not bad for my poor little no-raid-gear Coercer ;)

Also, he was dressed exactly like me. Freaky. It was like Bizzarro Castillion.

The 4 spell crit, Greater Void Bane bracer dropped from Varsoon and I won it! I think that takes me down to maybe 4 pieces of TSO instance gear that I’d still like to get, with none of the peices being a huge upgrade over what I have – the Veksar2 base Damage Belt (I have the mutagenic belt from Atrebe’s), the forearm piece from Necrotic Asylum, the Obesession Wristlet from Varsoon (although I have the GVB wrist and the Bangle of Portals), and the Ring of Readiness from Najena’s Hollow Tower.

By the time I get those pieces, the Lavastorm update and x2 raid zone will be in the game and I should have more carrots to chase ;)

Tonight I think we are venturing into Inner Stronghold to give Strange Stalker a go. Wish us luck!



1. Kilanna - March 23, 2009

There really is something about getting totally hammered and trying to run around any dungeon. ZOMG a full bottle of Champers for me Friday nite – boy did I have a sore head Sat morning :p

2. Sassy - March 24, 2009

OMG was I really singing in vent??? Nevermind, lol, I think I’d rather not know the extent of my drunken escapades and hope everyone else was drunk enough not to remember too >.<

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