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Carebear Stare. March 26, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.
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Busy Busy at work, so have had hardly any time for updates the past couple of days. I’ve still made time for EQ2 however, a man has to have his priorities ;)

It’s been a relatively quiet couple of days in-game.

Tuesday night we got a late start, so we decided to just hit Protector’s Realm. We took one group in, and not the most efficient group:

Anep – 80 SK
Castillion – 80 Coercer
Sasspanz – 80 Assassin
Rhesus – 80 Warden
Sinnir – 80 Templar
Taylona – 80 Fury

Yes, one group, 3 healers, and we were still able to kill Doomcoil. We ended up with 3 masters, 3 Crystallized Mana, and we brought Seeb in to loot the sword from Doomcoil. We ended up making about 30 plat each after the manas were sold. Not a bad little run!

We followed it up with Crucible. No exciting drops, but we passed some pieces on to guildmates.

Last night was raid night and we were back in Tomb of the Mad Crusader. We managed to kill the snake again. No exciting drops, at least in my opinion ;)

We then headed over to Palace of Ferzhul and cleared everything but Varsoon as it was late and we were feeling lazy. Anep got the 2 spell crit/2 Spell crit Bonus/GVB cloak as I already had it. He’s now one step closer to realizing his dream of becoming a true caster. He should really just slap on a robe and call it a day; he’s not going to be happy until he does.

Oh, also, I decided to take Castillion out for some dueling. There were a ton of people running around SS dueling and calling each other out. So, I put my cocky bastard hat on and headed over there. I was promptly handed my ass by most of the people over there and I decided that dueling wasn’t really for me and slinked back to the comfortable embrace of PVE meekly displaying my carebear badge.

Tonight, I have no idea what we have on the agenda. I’m sure it will be an adventure,  most nights with these crazy bastards turn out that way.



1. suzitastarshadow - March 27, 2009

I only duel occasionally with people I know very well – I get so nervous otherwise I literally start shaking – so much so that I can’t control my mouse properly :P

I enjoy your blog – thanks (and thanks for the linkback :) )

2. necrotherian - March 27, 2009

L O friggin’ L, man.

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