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Castillion Raid’Killer March 30, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.
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Back in the saddle!

It’s been a busy few days since my last post on Thursday.

First off, Thursday night, or as I shall refer to it, Black Thursday. A guild mate was hosting an open Kor’sha raid to get an update for his alt and asked Second String to come. Now, generally, we would have passed as adding another raid on a 4-day-a-week raiding schedule is just a little much for us, but Seeb needed the Overking as an update for his myth, so Anep, Sasspanz, Taylona, Sinnir, Seeb and I (Castillion) headed over to Chardok. There were a couple of other guildies in the raid that needed updates, but the raid was made up primarily of random people from 70-79.

It’s hard to describe the raid without sounding to braggy about Second String. I will say that it’s amazing how much of an impact one group of people can have on a raid. Anep, Sasspanz and I were making up 55% to 65% of the entire raid’s DPS between the three of us and our group was the MT group.

We cut through the mobs fairly quickly with a couple of fights of note. (as an aside, I know this is going to sound cocky as hell, and like a lot of bragging, but damn it I am proud of Second String.)

First, Aktar the Dark and Uthak the Cruel. Typically for this fight, you have 3 chanters mezzing the adds, and 2 tanks, one for Akter and one for Uthak. We did have two tanks, but we only had one chanter, me. The plan was for me to mez two adds for the entire fight while Anep tanked Uthak and one add and the other tank tanked the harder named, Aktar. Sounds good. We pull, I mez two adds, Anep grabs Uthak, the extra add, and, for good measure, Aktar too and proceeds to tank them all. We blow the first add up in record time, and I figure Anep is good, so I just though snap the other two adds on him too instead of mezzing. I mean, really, mezzing fucks up my parse. He tanked the whole room and we killed them in record time. It was funny. Anep is really quite the tank.

The second fight worth mentioning is the Twins. Now, and again typically, a raid would split into half with two groups on one twin and two groups on the other. This is what the raid leader originally suggested, and I counter suggested that we just let the MT group (Second String) take one mob while the rest of the raid takes the other. I really wasn’t trying to sound dicky at the time, but our group was already doing 60%-65% of the raid DPS, so adding more to us just didn’t make sense really. I still had to break off of our mob and go help the other side DPS as it was ;)

Finally, the Overking. I was a little nervous about this mob. I’ve been in plenty of raids where the rest of the zone goes flawlessly until the Overking, then it’s like running into a brick wall. We strapped up however and got ready for the pull. As awlays, the MT group would be on OK, while the rest of the raid took care of the adds and blobs. I would be responsible for disarming the Overking, which is not big deal as I have pretty much been responsible for disarming the Overking on every Kor-sha raid I have ever been on. So, I equipped my tuning fork, we all said we were ready, and we pulled.

Wait a second…back the truck up..did I just say I equipped my tuning fork?

Why, yes, yes I did. I equipped the tuning fork used on the Maestro in Shard of Hate to disarm the Overking in Kor-Sha. Needless to say, it didn’t work, and two wipes later when I realized what was going on, I switched to the wand and we killed him.

Another raid wiped by Castillion. I should really get a statuette or something for this. It has to be an accomplishment worthy of recognition.

Now, in my own defense, I do have a bag full of clickies for raid mobs and I am usually responsible for clicking the damn things. Isydryl’s Wand for the Overking, The Tuning Fork for the Maestro, The Greenmist Orb, the Mystmyrian Soulcube for Venril Sathir, some new thing from Varsoon for Pentaclypse I think, the freeze ray you use on the first two named in Palace of the Ancient One…hmm…I’m surprised I haven’t clicked the wrong thing on the wrong mob before ;)

It was a fun raid though and we were glad we went afterwards, even if we were dreading it a little.

The rest of the weekend was spent in typical SS style. We hung out, we had some drinks, and we killed a bunch of stuff, including Varsoon once or twice. There were a few raids mixed in (I didn’t win any loot yet) and lots of laughs.

Tonight is a raid night, so I’ll fill ya in tomorrow!



1. Kilanna - March 30, 2009

That is what you get when a group of folk play together often….. For what its worth I dont think you sound cocky :p

Everyone works as a finely oiled machine and knows what each other is capable of. Grats to you guys.

2. Chus - March 30, 2009

Lord Castilion Destroyer of Noobs

3. Sinn - March 31, 2009

ROFL……It was classic castillion! Good times good times.

4. Shmooove - March 31, 2009


Castillion – 2
Wildmoon – 1

Though I am not sure who is actually “winning” here. :P

5. blavek - April 29, 2009

RAWR – If you would fail clicking more often we would stop asking you to do it ;)

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