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@#$!%#%^#@! March 31, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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We raided Tomb of the Mad Crusader and Strange Stalker last night. We killed through the snake in TotMC who dropped the Coercer TSO boot pattern. I only had to win the roll against one other person, I lost. I shall speak no more of last nights raid as it is still a sensitive subject with me.

I’m upset enough I’d love to take a break from raiding but at this point there aren’t many people in line in front of me for loot anymore so I’d only be screwing myself ;)

Gu51 is finally out! New zones! I’m excited about it. Unfortunately Sinnir is leaving on vacation to go visit her family for the next two weeks, so no wife and no Templar for me for twwwwoooo weeeeeekkkksss. I’m trying to decide which I will miss the most. (just kidding honey <3). I suppose we’ll be recruiting a new healer to cover for a bit. Ladies, the line forms to my left. (just kidding again Honey <3)

Two weeks of bachelorhood. I will either play a whole lot of EQ or not play much at all and catch up on some movies and let my frustrations die down.


There was a time when that sentence would look completely different. I just don’t really have the interest for the wild times that I once had. Am I getting old or am I maturing?

Don’t answer that.



1. Kiara - March 31, 2009

Best be careful with those looking for new healer comments… we get sensitive ;)
And the correct answer is none of the above. You’re readjusting priorities ;)

2. Kilanna - March 31, 2009

Kiara is right … we healers need to feel the love :p

Killy would happily come help you … cross server heals ftw :D

3. Shmooove - April 2, 2009

I vote old. Just cause I believe we should all vote on random questions and that was the first option you gave us. Hey now, where’s my “I Voted” sticker?

4. Sinn - April 3, 2009


5. Grump - April 3, 2009

I hate random rolls, so much. I feel your pain. I have lost the one an only item I would ever want to a /ran 1000. Rune Etched Helm, It’s a power house for any Chain/Plate Healer. On some avatars Avatars, one or more in each group is the difference between phat contested loot, or a huge repair bill.

We run four separate instances of Shard of Hate a week, to get that item and we’ve seen a total of 3 since SOH was released.

Attendance based systems are the way to go, although they have their own monsters to work with, but they are the fairest IMHO.

6. Chus - April 3, 2009

I’m telling ya, Deja vu has a free hot dog bar on Thursday’s. If that ain’t crazy nothing is. LETS GO!

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