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Draggin’ ass April 1, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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Yes, draggin’ it.

I stayed up way too late last night doing the new x2 instance, and then had to get up at 5 to take Sinnir to the airport and decided to just come into work after that. It has made it a long day ;)

So, yeah we did try the x2 out. I apologize for not having a nice write up like I normally do, but I will get one on here soon. We were able to take down 5 named, and died a few times on the Burynai named Digg, before finally calling it a night because it was so late. We had lots of nice loot, including the new boot pattern for yours truly.

The atmosphere of the Ward was awesome. The mobs were cool and the scripts were neat.

All-in-all, I had a lot of fun in the zone, and the “raid” being only two groups meant it was small enough to still crack wise at each other. This was very nicely done and I was very impressed.

One bitch, whoever decided it was a good idea to make a series of access quests for the new x2 zone that requires everyone to compete for the same mobs in a 20′ x 20′ square, needs to have their head examined. Making people compete for mobs like that is just a stupid time sink that inevitably brings out the worst in players as they try to advance through them.

Ok Ok, I am being too harsh I suppose. Later, when the mad rush has died down, the quests won’t be bad at all. It was a total pain last night though with 5 instances of the zone all full of people after the same mobs. Then, there’s always the one asshole who delights in stealing mobs and griefing players as much as game mechanics allow.

Luckily, only one person has to have access to get the group in, and I hear there are ways around even that ;)

Oh, and the new flying mounts in Lavastorm are awesome It would be so cool to see my pally running around on one of those while wearing the new lava armor <hint hint>

I do have to admit, the zone was worth the wait and I look forward to clearing it. It was no pushover last night and provided a good challenge. I definitely think it’ll be a while before we are one-grouping that ;) Anyway, SOE Fanboy hat on today, brava!

Tonight is a raid night and I’m hoping to sneak home for an hour or two shut eye beforehand. I’m really going wild on my two weeks of singleness! Singlehood?



1. Sinn - April 3, 2009

That house better be clean mister mister! And that doesnt mean waiting until 12hrs before you pick me up to start cleaning. LOL Enjoy your lil vacation sweetness! HAHA love and miss ya!

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