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I’m Mr. Lonely. April 6, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.

I called it. It was a very quiet weekend with most of Second String out.

Friday night was raid night. We had Inner Stronghold and TotMC on the schedule. We started out with the Strange Stalker and couldn’t beat him. We then ran over to TotMC to give the first two named a go, unfortunately half the raid went LD when we zoned in, and we got a 30 minute lockout. We changed targets to Thuuga as a result. We ended up wiping once in Thuuga before we killed the spider. Then we headed back over to TotMC and killed the first two named and called it a night.

It was a horrible raid night. I think a lot of people didn’t have their head in the game, and we were missing Sinnir, our only full-time raiding Templar, Sasspanz, our #1 zw DPS, and Worknemangel and Taylona.

I was pretty frustrated by the end of the night, but I joined up with Stormraven after the raid to run some instances and a good bitch session made me feel better ;)

Saturday was Kor-Sha and Pawbuster for Mythical/flagging updates. Sign ups were abysmal and we ended up only having three groups +1 (poor Rhesus was his own group on his SK) but we still managed to clear both zones at a good clip. The raid was enjoyable even with the low turnout. I managed to equip the right item for the Overking this time ;)

It was a poor raiding weekend all around and I am hoping things turn around this week.

I spent much of the rest of the weekend farting around not doing much as everyone was offline. I played a little of the EVE free trial, which was fun, but I really feel I need to commit to buying the game before I invest too much more time in it.

I think before that I will be buying TSO for our third account. I actually played on it a bit this weekend and leveled my templar to level 54. It wasn’t even all spent botting as I solo healed a few zones. I had a lot more fun on the temp than I expected and I plan to at least get him to Kunark level before Sinnir gets back. I was concerned about not being able to pass shards off to him as he is not on my main account, but I really feel confident that I’ll be able to heal zones well enough to get some shards on my own.

Perhaps we will hear more of the adventures of Castilian the High Elven Templar in the future. I’m hoping I can make enough time to level him as he’s actually a neat character.

hasta manana~



1. The Green Omelet - April 7, 2009

Thats very weird, Saturday night was like an overpriced chat room. I could not find group one all night and I’m in a large active raiding guild. Lots a folks musta took the night off and did real life stuff. I guess I should think about taking a night off now and then :D

2. castillion - April 7, 2009

yeah me too, but I had a night off forced upon me last night, so I am going to count it!

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