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It’s the end of the world as we know it. April 8, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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I. Won. Loot.

I won raid loot.

The curse is broken. We went into Tomb of the Mad Crusader. We killed Thet-em-aua after many epic battles (man we miss Sinnir). Stormraven made fun of me. He said, “Come on guys, let’s just kill the damn snake again so it can drop the Coercer boots and Castillion can lose the roll and all will be right with the world again.”

I have this to say to you Stormraven.



Thank you to my guild brethren and sistren (I don’t know, it should be a word) that have put up with me, that have sympathized with me, that have inwardly groaned every time I lost yet another roll in the past 6 months. Thank you for rooting for me and listening to me whine.

You guys rock!



1. Aeyanna - April 9, 2009

Grats Man, about time the RNG swung in your favor.

2. castillion - April 9, 2009

Thanks Aeyanna.

I did the math.

We joined CD On December 9th, 2008. OUr first raid was December 10th. We raid 4 times a week, of which I have only missed one, so that’s 69 raids, minus one, 68 total raids I’ve attended.

68 raids, 5 Months almost to the day, and finally a loot drop. Although, I think that I should count the master I won in Kor-sha on Saturday even though it was defaulted to me. I think that’s when my luck changed. So, let’s call it 5 months and 67 raids.

Yes, I’m excited haha! The curse, let it be broken!

3. Chus - April 10, 2009

Now if only he could get the bracers.


Grats man.

4. Shmooove - April 10, 2009

I thought I felt the Earth stop turning for a few second the other night. Congrats man!!

5. Grump - April 12, 2009

Holy crap, the RNG hates you! 67 raids and two items! I thought the RNG strictly targeted priests, as the bad luck roll but wow! You are way over due.


6. Kilanna - April 14, 2009

Wooooooot Well done you.

And it is nice to hear you missing Sinnir :)

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