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Hump Day. April 15, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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Just a small blip today.

I didn’t play much at all last night. I logged in and chatted a bit, then called it a night. I had some stuff to finish up before Sin gets home, and I got interested in a TV show on Spike TV called Deadliest Warrior. Last night it was Viking vs. Samurai. Awesome stuff.

Tonight, we raid VP. I am hoping to get Sinnir’s wizard her last myth update, Druushk. Sasspanz has agreed to play her for the update. Thank you Sassy :)

Sinnir will be home tonight, I have to pick her up at 11:40 PM. Infer what you wish from the title of this post.

Good Day.



1. Chus - April 15, 2009

Sure, only 20 min till hump day is over. You best be fast and not get stuck in the baggage claim.

2. Kilanna - April 15, 2009

Well I for one think it is lovely that you are happy that Sinnir is coming home!!

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