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Whoever designed Aiden, why do you hate us? April 17, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.
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Yay Sinnir is home!

I picked her up Wednesday night, it was a good night ;)

I did go to the VP raid first. Sinnir’s wizard alt, Dejavu, got her final mythical update. Even while Sin is on vacation, Second String is twinking her. I also won a master, raid loot drops are slowly trickling in now! It’s a welcome sign that the curse has lifted. I had to leave the raid early obviously to get pick up Sin, but I think they cleared a lot of the second wing, so hopefully will be a quick clear tonight.

Last night we were back in Ward of Elements, the new x2 raid zone. We cleared all the way through Aiden again and couldn’t beat him. I hate that encounter if I haven’t mentioned that before. It’s incredibly stupid. Although I’m fairly confident we will beat it soon. I think we could beat it this week if we took a night and concentrated on him.

Just my opinion of course ;)

I did get the last of the gems I needed for the mage crown quest, so now all I need is the t3 hat to drop for me. I am going to be in that zone until I get it done, I want the circlet. It’s an upgrade for me right now, but more importantly it looks neat. Plus, outside of Aiden, I really like the zone.

Oh, I also bought the expansion for the Templar’s account. So this weekend I hope to start leveling him again. I should be able to skip off of KoS now and just box him through instances. I am totally gimping his AA, but I’m hoping I can make it up in Kunark/Moors/Lavastorm at 80.

I just really can not bring myself to do KoS again, and I already skipped all of DoF, so he’s level 55 with 25 AA. Sad. I am confident I can get him to a respectable level though once I hit Kunark and start questing in earnest. I also like Loping Plains, so I’ll do those quests as well. Oh, hmm he’s level 55 so I could do all of Lesser Fay too! I enjoy Lesser Fay so I’ll run him over there this weekend. See there, we came up with a plan together.

Tonight it’s back into VP to finish it up.



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