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Much ado about nothing. April 20, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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It’s been a busy and not so busy few days since Sinnir’s been back.

Out of game work’s been keeping me jumping. It’s been a lot of fun though and fulfilling.

EQ2 has been pretty relaxed lately. Friday night we finished up Veeshan’s Peak and got ourselves a couple of mythicals added to the guild. After we finished the zone, we gave Trakanon some work. It was our first time to take on the big guy, so there were a lot of spectacular and less-than spectacular deaths. We got a taste of it though and we’re heading back in there tonight. Hopefully it’s won’t be long till we have a shiny new trophy to display in the guild hall.

Saturday was unusual in that we did not have a scheduled raid. I spent the majority of the day leveling the templar some and called it an early night.

Sunday was another quiet day and I spent even more time leveling the templar, getting him up to level 62 and just breaking into the Loping Plains questline. I’ve managed to completely skip Kingdom of Sky so far and it looks like I’ll be able to head to Kunark without ever stepping foot on a floating island. This makes me happy.

I got a little tired of the powerleveling though and swapped over to Castillion to do something I have not done in a while, pick up groups. I ran OoA with a fun little crew with a bruiser tanking. I had a blast and we did the zone quickly and efficiently, nice for a p.u.g.

I dropped the group after OoA but got a tell pretty quickly afterwards from the bruiser asking if I had some time to help out with the last 5 mobs for their Dark Mail Gloves quests. I had had a good time in OoA so I through my hat into the ring. We managed to take down all the mobs, including the last instance for them. It was no Second String but it was definitely fun and was nice to get back out there.

Speaking of Second String, we’ve had a lot of quiet time lately and, outside of hooking up for the x2, we haven’t grouped much at all. I think we’ve all just had some off time and it seems scheduling has been rough of late. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to get back to our regular hell-raising and I’ll have some new stories to tell.

I did manage to finish the first part of the new mage hat quest from the x2, the Coercive Circlet. Now to just get the damn coercer hat to drop and win the roll ;)

It does have a neat look though, which I leave you with today!




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