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Why did it have to be snakes? April 21, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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Fun, although somewhat frustrating night of raiding.

Trakanon was given a few more days to live. We were missing some key (read: flagged) people from the raid force last night, so we decided to head over to Tomb of the Mad Crusader instead.

We killed the first two named with no issue at all. No coercer pattern or Eye Mounted Ring in the treasure chests. I died a little inside and promptly forgot what did actually drop as, well, it wasn’t usable by me so how important could it be really? ;)

The big snake, Thet-em-aua was next. We’ve killed this snake several times already. It really should be something we pull once or twice and it’s dead and we move on. We never can do this however and end up wiping to the damn event multiple times before finally beating him again.

We pulled him over a dozen times last night.

I don’t understand why we struggle so much on this mob. It’s really not that difficult once you figure out the strat. Pull the snake, keep the tanks alive, watch your detrimentals, cure your OWN noxious using pots, and when you are cursed go kill the adds.  Yes, sometimes you are going to have bad luck when 4 healers get cursed and the adds don’t drop and the tanks do drop as there are no healers on them. OK, so that can account for 1 or 2 wipes a night, but 13 or 14?

I don’t know if it’s our communication, although it seems to be ok for the fight, or if people just do not watch their detrimentals…or what. Healers shouldn’t even have to cure anyone other than the main tank on this fight. I have my potions on my hotbar and I have usually cured myself before anyone in my group is cured…and I’m in the Main tank group.

When you see you have the detrimental and are able to kill adds….go kill some! It doesn’t matter if you run up or down, if you run the wrong direction and get called to go the other way, then just turn around. When you see you have the curse though, get moving! Typically they are good about sending high DPS scouts or tanks to the bottom mob, so you probably will have a general idea of where you’ll be going before you even get cursed.

This fight, to me, is all about communication (where are you, what mobs are you killing, are you cursed, where are the adds, etc.) and individual performance (cure yourself, watch your detrimentals, be able to react quickly, and be able to kill, or at least entertain, a single up mob). I am not sure where we are struggling at, but I hope we can get it fixed.

I know the frustration level was really high. I was pretty calm myself, but I was in my own place in my head so the wipes were only time to me. It is rough on morale when you wipe to a mob 15 times that you should really kill on the first pull or three.

So, when we finally did kill the snake after a couple of hours, and someone suggested we give the next (and harder) named in the zone a pull, I think we were close to mutiny ;). Luckily, we ended up calling it a night and retiring to lick our wounds and come back fresh and ready to kill that snake the first pull the next time.

We are definitely progressing as a raid force, and it’s nice to see. These are just growing pains that come along with it as we bring everyone up to the same levels of skill and gear. Pretty soon we will wonder how we ever struggled with mobs like Thet-em-aua. We definitely have some exciting times ahead of us as long as everyone can remain patient and come prepared to kick ass on raid nights.

Tonight is an off night and Sin and I have plans and probably won’t be logging in at all. I’ll make up something interesting for tomorrow’s post ;)



1. Grump - April 21, 2009

Tomb for us is pretty much on alt/action stuff we win for plat split
status at this point, but every once in a while Thet-em-aua will throw a curve ball, the other night he cursed every healer with in a short amount of time, and kept re cursing them, It was pretty comical.

You know what I hate about Tomb?
“Everyone get your salts…” So much time waiting for one salt node.
I am not sure if you have pulled the guy after Thet-em-aua, but he is an interesting fight. He memwipes the tanks, “knocks-out” (perma unbreakable stun) players randomly, which you have to use pungent salts to bring them back to the fight, Summons suicidal bombing zombies, has an AE that knocks you up, a power drain…

It’s a fun fight!

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