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Second String Plat Farming. April 24, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.
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Quick update today.

Finally got a little bit of Second String time in last night.

We went and 9 manned PR for plats as I think some of us are running low. It was a fun time and we cleared the entire zone making 16 – 19 plat each plus 3 yet-to-be sold Crystallized Mana that will add nicely to that total.

It wasn’t really the crazy instance running I was looking for, but it was nice to get together with everyone again. Unfortunately I had to work before PR so I missed out on the instance runs that went on then. I have missed them so much though <sobs>.

Tonight is raid night and I think we’re headed into Palace of the Ancient One. Hopefully all of our main folks are on and we can make some progress on Switchmaster.

We shall see!



1. sinnir - April 24, 2009

Maybe get some instance fun in tonight after raid!!! WOOT

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