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The way you do the things you do. April 29, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.
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Whew..been a busy few nights with work and I have not had much gaming time at all. I wasn’t able to log on at all last night, and I was working all during our raid Monday night. It made for kind of a stressful raid as I tried to juggle everything ;)

Speaking of Monday nights raid, we really kicked some ass. The plan initially was to head to Palace of the Ancient One. The raid leaders decided to hit TotMC first as our timers were resettable. We blew through the zone again, killing Thet-em-aua on the second pull. That was followed up with Palace of the Ancient One and we cleared the first pair of named and the trash up to Switchmaster. I am hoping that means we’ll be spending one of our raid nights focusing on killing him.

It was a good night and brought some nice loot into the guild. We did have one issue with loot and it’s got me wondering how some of you other raiders out there handle this. We are getting to the point now that some of the TSO patterns we have dropping are not needed by any of the raid mains in the guild. So, we’ve got a decision to make as to what to do with them. We’ve sold a couple, we’ve given a couple to others in the guild, and some have been given to alts.

The guild is trying to work out rules on how to handle this unwanted loot. There was a small  issue on Monday night when it was opened up to alts and it was clear not everyone had a handle on the new guidelines for unwanted loot. Currently we handle it like this:

Loot drops:

  1. It is offered up to mains on the raid. If none want then:
  2. It is offered up to mains who signed up for the raid but were benched. If none want then:
  3. It is offered up to mains in the guild who did not sign up or are not raiders. If none want then:
  4. It is offered up to alts of members on the raid. If none want then:
  5. It is auctioned in channel or muted.

I have some issues with this whole system but I abide by it as it is what was decided upon by leadership.

How do you other raiders out there handle loot like this? Is it offered up to alts? Just auctioned? What do you do with the plat you make off auctions?

I’m just curious.

Tonight we are headed somewhere in TSO to pick on some raid mobs. I’ll let you know how we fare tomorrow!



1. sinnir - April 29, 2009

IMHO Id rather see any unwanted loot go to an alt and/or any plat made from an item NOBODY wants go towards either the guild hall or a set amount (1pp or so) for everyone’s repair bill.

2. sinnir - April 29, 2009

and when i say unwanted loot, i mean not needed by anybodys MAIN on the raid or presently logged on in the guild.

3. A Bone - April 29, 2009

I would have to agree with you cast and sinnir, although I like the idea that some of the more hard core raiding guilds are doing. Rent is paid on the guild hall, and then the plat that is left over for that week is split amoung the raiders for purchasing of gear/masters/ect. The only problem with that system is what about the standby list, non raiders.

4. Aeyanna - April 30, 2009

Meh I say GH upkeep and/or split among the raiders/standby crowd the first couple times and keeping a list cause people will go on “standby” just for plats as soon as word gets out.

GB it and put it towards master for the raiders to help fill them out either by puchase or reimbursement, with before hand knowledge by the guildleaders in charge of the bank.

Of course I say all this as a pretty infrequent raider. :)

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