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Repair Bills can be satisfying. April 30, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.

We didn’t kill a damn thing last night. It was still a great raid night though. We spent the entire raid time devoted to working Switchmaster and we made some great progress. It was the first time I felt like we were actually getting somewhere with that mob.

I mentioned in vent that it has been a nice raid week. We took the first part of the week and killed loot mobs as well as clearing the trash from Palace for Switchmaster. Then we had an entire night to devote to making progress on him. One of the officers said “Yeah it’s been great! We were going to kill The Maestro first, but forgot there was trash up there.”


Guys, it’s ok to have nights where we don’t get any loot. We need to take nights and dedicate the entire time to working on a mob we should be killing. Taking an hour at the end of a raid to work progression so we can make sure we get some loot during the beginning of the raid is counterproductive. This week was a great week, get the loot early on, clear to a mob that we need to work, and then take a night and work on that mob till we start making progress.

I can’t help but wonder if officers/raid leaders are getting tells to the effect of “if I don’t get loot tonight I am leaving” or “why are we wasting an entire night on a mob instead of killing mobs we are guaranteed loot on”. We raid 4 nights a week, using one of those nights to actually work on progression by killing a mob we have not killed yet (and is within our progression range), is definitely something we should be doing. If the officers are getting tells of a differing opinion, please post them on the forums so we can discuss it ;)

It’s very easy to back-seat drive and I realize that is totally what I am doing. I know that behind the scenes there’s probably people bitching about the exact opposite things that I am bitching about, and the officers can’t make everyone happy. I’ve been an officer, several times, so I know that’s what’s going on.

The only advice I can offer to our leadership is this: You can’t make everyone happy, so let’s focus on making me happy. Also, I really hate it when people wear blue on the raids. Please make everyone cover up any blue color they are wearing with green. And you just missed our exit. God.

Tonight is an off night, so I’m not sure what kind of trouble we’ll be getting into. Anep will not be on this weekend and Sasspanz is on one of her mini-breaks (we hope mini anyway ;) so there will probably not be a lot of Second String action tonight or this weekend. We’ll see. I plan to work on the templar some if not, or whore myself out to pick up groups.

Who knows what we’ll get into tonight, but I am sure it’ll be fun!



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