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You never know when you might need it. May 1, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2, Second String.
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Fun night last night.

Stormraven shot me a tell as soon as I logged on inquiring about my plans for the evening and, if I were free, could he take me out?

I played a little coy and hard-to-get and told him I had to check my schedule but eventually gave in to his advances and we decided to head to Palace of Ferzhul.

The group make up was:

Stormraven – 80 SK
Rhyanna – 80 Fury (and let me tell you, she picked the right class, she is so MEAN)
Zahrn – 80 Brigand
Castillion – 80 Coercer
Azznep (a.k.a. Anep) – 80 Inquisitor

We were saving our 6th spot for Chus – 80 Necromancer, since the whole reason we were doing Palace was kill Varsoon for his TSO signature quest update. We waited on Chus, and waited on Chus, and waited on Chus and finally decided to zone in and kill trash while we waited some more.

So we zoned in and started clearing trash, no Chus. Then we cleared some named, No Chus. Finally we got to the library and were having issues 5 manning it so we decided to invite Nugsinoth – 80 Conjurer in Chus’ place. It turns out that Chus fell asleep on us. Typical Necro behaivour.

We cleared the rest of the zone up to Varsoon without much incident although parses seemed a little low and there was a chill in the air that was hard to explain.

We pulled Varsoon the first time and got him out of the blades room into the fire room and died. We pulled him a second time and died a second time in the fire room. Azznep then posed a strange question to me. He queried, “Castillion why aren’t you wearing any pants?”

Weird, I hadn’t even noticed. I guess that explains the draft. I put some pants on and we promptly pulled and killed Varsoon. It’s amazing how much better we did when everyone wasn’t distracted by me running around with my Magic Wand at the ready.

I bid adieu to Stormraven and his group of misfits and joined up with some of Second String, or my group of misfits. They wanted to do an semi alt run through Crucible and wanted me to tank it for them. I was actually happy with that as I had just respec’d Saynt to a more DPS’y spec and had dropped another 40 shards on him to get a couple of the DPS TSO T2 pieces. I did see some improvement from my respec, but I think I can get more DPS out of him. I think I will be dropping my Divine Aura spec. It’s going to take a little getting used to, not having that security blanket, but may be for the best in the end.

Tonight we are doing some raiding, in one of those zones with the raid mobs. I have no idea where but it should be fun ;)



1. Chus - May 1, 2009


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