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Are there any TSO zones we missed? May 5, 2009

Posted by castillion in eq 2, MMO.
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Very very full night of raiding last night.

First, we started off with Tomb of the Mad Crusader. We had an instance that was resettable that had Thet-em-aua still alive in it, so we zoned in and killed the snake in one pull. Then, we zoned out reset the zone killed the first two named and the snake again, this time killing him on the second pull.

We ported over to Palace of the Ancient One, killed the first pair of named mobs in there and cleared all of the trash in anticipation of working on Switchmaster later this week.

After that, we zoned into Ykesha’s Inner Stronghold and killed the Strange Stalker.

It was a busy, busy, busy night, but a LOT of fun and the guild was clicking awesomely on the raid. Stuff was dying in record time. It’s funny actually, because we only had 22 people and we were clearing stuff faster than we ever have and people just seemed to be more relaxed and into it.

It was fun. I even won loot again! Well, kind of won, it’s a pretty nice wrist item that everyone else had already won, so it was defaulted to me. I went in on it as a secondary piece as the nerf of Greater Void Bane items has opened up a few slots to alternate pieces of gear for me. I need to parse it and see if it’s a replacement or something I will use situationally.

It’s that time of year though, when raid sign ups seem to slow down. the past week or so of raids it seems we’ve struggled a little to fill the raid. It’s always been like this for as long as I have played MMORPGs. Springtime means less people logging in or people making other changes with their game time. It might be time to open recruiting back up, but that’s always a scary proposition. I think we also have some members that are wanting to raid more and are willing to roll needed classes, so we’ll see.

I’m not sure what kind of trouble I will get into tonight, but I’ll give you the details tomorrow ;)



1. sinnir - May 5, 2009

Grats on your loots sweetness, default or not :P

2. Grouser - May 9, 2009

You missed Zarrakon :)
Munzok’s is a pile of crap, I don’t count it for TSO.

I am really surprised you only kill the Stalker and not Kultak the Cruel. IMHO, Kultak is easier than the Stalker, they have a similar failure condition, cure or die.

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