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And the beat goes on. May 6, 2009

Posted by castillion in eq 2, MMO, Second String.
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Good night of Second String fun.

I was concerned that Sass and Anep would just call it quits early in preparation for their move, but they were on last night and it looks like we’ll get to at least finish out our last couple of weeks together before their break.

Originally, we wanted to go to Palace of Ferzhul, but since Sinnir is anti-palace, we changed our minds. Instead, We all got together and one-grouped Protector’s Realm through Doomcoil, netting us about 18 plat each, plus another 10 plat or so each once the crystallized manas sell.

We followed that up with a run through the Crucible. Then everyone but Sasspanz switched to alts and I tanked us through OoA and AoB.They were all fun runs and we even got a couple of masters out of them.

Speaking of Sinnir, she’s set up her own domain and moved her blog over there. She’s also set up forums for discussion and all kinds of other goodies. I’m sure she’d appreciate a visit and would love input. I’ll probably mirror my blog over there once I can get it set up.

See her at Gamerzwrath!

Tonight, we are paying the Maestro a visit to catch his show. I am bringing my tomatoes.



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