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May 12th – The Day I was born. May 12, 2009

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I know, I know. Where’s the damn posts Castillion? Well, talk to my boss and let him know that work is interfering with my blogging and that you don’t appreciate it. Then please send me monthly checks to support my gaming and eating habits after he fires me ;)

While I have been neglecting you, dear readers, I have not neglected my game time. It was a fun weekend.

Friday night was raid night. It sucked. Listen People, just because it’s summertime does not mean it’s suddenly time to “have a life” and “do fun things outside”. We all know that this outside place is imaginary and only exists to provide you with excuses for not raiding. Close your blinds, sit in your computer chair, put your headphones on and forget…..just forget…slip softly into the warm hypnotic glow of your monitor and RAID GODDAMNIT!

Saturday our normal raid into SoH was cancelled, so I spent much of the day powerleveling the Templar, who is now 71. I’m having fun with him and it’s time to start getting his Adept 3’s and soon to twink out his gear. Unfortunately his AA’s are VERY low. I will have to put a lot of work into him to fix it. Oh well. I made a ton running through Kylong Plains, so hopefully it won’t be as bad as I expect once I am done with Kunark and Moors. I think it’s going to be bad though. He’s pretty much 30 – 40 AA below what any of my other characters have been.

Since the SoH raid was cancelled, Second String decided to add it to the list of zones we have grouped. Well, kind of grouped, as we took 8 people in.

Anep – 80 SK
Taylona – 80 Fury
Sasspanz – 80 Assassin
Sinnir – 80 Templar
Castillion – 80 Coercer
Seeb – 80 Brigand
Graybone – 78 Defiler
Aeyanna – 80 Troubadour
Rhesus – 80 Warden (boxed by Seeb)

We were able to kill the first two named in there without much issue and got Master P to 70%. That was a bummer as I want that damn HoDD from him already. Master P is a tough nut to crack with basically one group, but I think we could do it with two groups. We are going to try it.

Sinnir and I then took off for a few hours to go to the Mall of America to celebrate Mother’s Day. If you’ve never been to the Mall of America, I envy you.

The Mall outing was just a precursor to the night’s events. Saturday was our in-game celebration for my birthday. We headed to Ward of Elements, which seems to be our new favorite zone to do while drunk. Unfortunately we were short people as my recruiting message of “Hey, we’re doing WoE and have 4 spots open. We would like at least one more healer, but please be aware that we are going to get really drunk and probably die a lot” did not garner much response. So, we did it with 8 people and managed to kill everything but the fire room and the library. Except, maybe we did kill the mob in the fire room, it’s fuzzy. We determined that, due to circumstances beyond our willpower to control, we would not be able to advance any further into WoE and we ported over to PR and cleared it.

Sunday was a little calmer as you can imagine and Sinnir and I called it an early day and went to see Star Trek. It. Was. awesome. I highly recommend seeing it, whether you’re a Trekkie or not.

That was followed up with raids last night. It was a complete reversal of Friday night’s fiasco and we had a great raid force and managed to kill all the easy TSO stuff in preparation for the rest of the week.

It’s shaping up to be fun!



1. sinnir - May 12, 2009

Happy Birfinday!! /hugs

2. suzitastarshadow - May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday! Have a great day :D

3. Chus - May 12, 2009

1. HAPPY (year older than you want to admit) DAY!

2. If you get “Fired” you may eligible for unemployment benefits.

5. Your B-day falls between Game fish opener and Bass opener here in MN. embrace your destiny, get a boat, join the sunlight and FISH!

3 Sir. right 3. Chus has Dibs on the HoDD.

4. MoA is a great place to go if you don’t have to go. Meaning, Send the wife, pin a $50 to her shirt and wish her the best of luck.



4. Sassy - May 12, 2009

LOL chus, you have no “off button” do you =P hehehe i kid. <3

Happy Berfday Cast!!!!!! I will sing my song for joo again and hopefully it will sound a lil better on here cuz for 1, it will not be a drunken rendition and 2, you don’t actually have to hear my horrible voice, so with that being said…..

Go Castillion, isss yo berfday, we gonna partay like iss you berfday…..


5. Kilanna - May 12, 2009


Happy birthday Cast.

Oh and I LUV LUV LUV The Mall of America!!!!! What is there not to love about a mall that has an entire amusement park in the middle of it :p I have never seen or experienced anything like it til I visited MN for work. I wish I still worked in the same place cos I would love to come and have lunch with you guys at Bubba Gumps

6. Caladwen - May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday! Or I guess more like “Happy Belated Birthday”!!! :)

7. castillion - May 13, 2009

Thanks for all the well wishes guys!

And Kilanna I would not have expected that you had been to the Mall of America lol.

8. Kilanna - May 13, 2009

I am woman … and was in the same City as the largest shopping mall in the US… OF COURSE I have been to The Mall of America :D

I even had shrimp at Bubba Gumps for my birthday lunch and they sang a Happy Birthday song for me lol.

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