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I really did want to kill those fishmen. May 13, 2009

Posted by castillion in eq 2, MMO, Second String.
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Short but fulfilling night in game last night.

The night started with Sinnir needing to kill a few mobs in Karnor’s Castle for her new Illusionist’s epic (yes, she myth’d out her wizard and started a new character…..women). I decided to take her over there with Castillion and show her how an uber chanter solos KC. After getting herself killed a few times, Sinnir asked, “Why don’t you just go get Saynt?” HOLY SHIT!?! She thinks a Pally can solo KC better than a coercer? I was obviously doing something wrong, so I picked up the pace and gave her a good rundown on how to solo through KC. We ended up killing a few named and a few 100 drolvargs (tip, when your wife says “Hey honey I need to kill a couple of mobs for this update, could you come help right fast?” clear a couple of hours on your social calendar). It was actually fun just the two of us ripping through the zone and sniping a couple of named from the regular farmers.

Her next update was to kill 100 Yah’Lei in Jarsath Wastes. I helped her with that too, by taking a nap while she did it.

I woke up from my nap (work has been depriving me of my beauty sleep lately) to find she had already killed all the Yah’Lei and had pulled some of SS together to help her with the Unrest portion. Once they were done, we got the rest of Second String together for a quick PR money run.

I called it as night after that to catch up on my rest and I’m feeling very refreshed today. We raid tonight, although I know not what. I’ll fill ya in tomorrow!



1. sinnir - May 14, 2009

Goes to show how much he paid attention..the fishmens were in fens not JW. /sigh….!! LOL <3

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