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Would you say I have a plethora of pinatas? May 20, 2009

Posted by castillion in eq 2, MMO, Second String.
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An off night of raiding brought about a Second String run on Ward of Elements, the x2 zone. It sounds strange to speak of a night that we form up for a smaller raid an off-night of raiding. It seems, though, that much of the time we are not in a full blown 24 person raid, Second string is running around x2 zones or trying to conquer at least portions of x4 zones with a smaller group. This is because there is usually at least 8 people on that bear the Second String tag. While I do sometimes yearn for nights of single group adventures, I am glad that SOE has provided us with the x2 zones (even if the lockout is a bit too long) and that we have made our own fun of turning Kunark raid zones and Shard of Hate into our own x2 playgrounds.

The group we brought along:

Anep – 80 Shadow Knight
Sasspanz – 80 Assassin
Castillion – 80 Coercer
Sinnir – 80 Templar
Taylona – 80 Fury
Seeb – 80 Brigand
Graybone – 80 Defiler
Elonias – 80 Wizard
Smoky (Nugsinoth) – 80 Wizard
Ghreed (Gheeto) – 80 Assassin
Aneuw – 80 Paladin
Deathklok (Chus) – 80 Troubadour


We cleared the instance up to Aiden easily, although some of the alts died a few times. Graybone was certainly challenged, being newly minted 80 and being asked to solo heal one of the groups, and also occasionally being moved into the main tank group for warding purposes. He performed admirably considering. We will need to focus with him a bit hopefully this weekend to get him his fabled epic and a few more pieces of gear and shards.

It was late by the time we reached the elevator to the top floor, so we decided to grant Aiden a few more days to enjoy life above ground. We plan on reforming Thursday evening to finish the zone.

Tonight, we are raiding something. I am not sure what as I think most of the TSO zones are locked out. Perhaps we’ll clear some more of our VP instance.

I forgot to mention it, but I brought Cilantro along on our Leviathan kill on Saturday so he is poised to get the Swashbuckler epic as soon as we kill Xygoz again. He will be my third mythical’d character. I’ve been putting off getting his mythical for some reason, but I finally decided that options are a good thing to have and I should at least finish out the hard work I had put into him.

I’ve been kicking around on him a little bit lately, feeling nostalgic I guess. I think I may get his AA up to something respectable and at least gear him out a little bit. Now that we have weapon appearance slots, I owe it to the old guy to at least dress him out and make him a respectable swashbuckler once again.

I also have the templar to finish leveling. I am not certain how crazy I am about him, but him being level 72 certainly suggests I should finish out the run to level 80 at least. Plus, there’s a scary gleam in Sinnir’s eyes, having a back up templar so close to max level. I think she’s looking forward to him being 80 more than I am as I think she has an idea that she’ll be able to move to a different character once there’s a templar to heal in her stead. I hate to disappoint, but I have no delusions that I will be anywhere near her caliber of healer although I will try.

Finding time to juggle all of these characters is a game in itself. Luckily, I thoroughly enjoy my Coercer and really have no great desire to play any other toon at all.




1. Chus - May 21, 2009

WoE is a X2 group zone, a group is 6…I see 11 people listed. I see how it is.

2. castillion - May 21, 2009

Oh shit! edited!

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