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I’m a model, ya know what I mean. May 27, 2009

Posted by castillion in eq 2, MMO, Second String.
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Last night started off with me logging into Second String finishing up an instance and heading back the guild hall. I don’t know what the hell is up with them grouping while I am at work. They should be standing around moping until I get home.

I was so pissed I immediately started challenging everyone to duels on Cilantro. I was going to kick some ass. I will say is some ass was definitely kicked. We will not discuss who’s.

After we finished trying to kill each other, we grouped up and headed over to Everfrost to hit the instances there. Sasspanz still wants that charm item from the master, even though I am of the opinion that SOE took it out of the game. I brought along Cilantro and we cleared Scion of Ice and the Crucible. The charm didn’t drop for Sass, but Cilantro won the Shard of Codexicon and a pretty nice ring. I also got him another AA, so he’s coming along a bit.

We then decided to hit up Ward of Elements. It went really smoothly despite having a couple of pickups in the group. We cleared through pretty quickly and the T3 Coercer hat dropped! Sasspanz kindly passed the roll to me and Castillion was able to complete the quest to get his Fireborn Circlet of Coercion. Thank you Sass, you know how much I’ve been wanting to get that damned hat. I owe ya! It was late by the time we cleared the lower named, so we decided to hold off on Aiden until later in the week.

It was back to the guild hall and more dueling. I don’t know what it is, but I just get a strange satisfaction from killing Anep. Unfortunately, he usually kills me. I started getting more comfortable with Cilantro and I did figure out how to kick his super-twink Dirge’s ass last night. I can’t kill his Shadow Knight anymore though. Damn dirty overpowered god class.

That was it for Second String for the night. Tonight is a raid night and I’m figuring we will head into Tomb of the Mad Crusader and probably Ykesha’s Inner Sanctum. Afterwards, I am going to stand in the guild hall and make /flex emotes.




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