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Some days you’re the windshield, somedays you’re the bug. May 28, 2009

Posted by castillion in eq 2, Second String.
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Well, I do indeed have ESPN as I correctly predicted what our raid targets would be last night.

We started off with TotMC as we had left the snake up the last time we went in there. We rolled in, pulled the snake, killed it, and headed out. More on this in a minute.

The next zone on the agenda was Ykesha’s Inner Sanctum. We zoned in and killed the Strange Stalker on the first pull. We moved on to Kultak the Cruel and pulled him a few times although we never actually killed him. I think sometimes some of us get stuck on one method of doing things and they are not open to changing focus until we come into a fresh zone. Last night it seemed we were focused too much on “Hey we need crit mit” instead of “Hey just cure the goddamn curse and we win” but that is neither here nor there. I think by the end of the night everyone was on the same page, and I think the next time we pull him and focus on curing that curse, he’s dead.

All in all, it was a good night of raiding. The form up was a little slower than usual and I hope that does not become the norm. I am a little befuddled. Last night we clicked, killing the mobs on the first or second pulls and everyone doing their part. The last time we raided, we couldn’t kill anything harder than the first named in TotMC and PotAO. We wiped a good 15 or 20 times on Thet merely 2 days ago, then last night we two pull it and that’s counting the first pull  having 4 healers called to kill mobs twice. I just don’t know why we have such tremendous highs and lows in our raiding.

I did win loot! I won a very nice charm item from a trash drop in YIS. It replaces a charm I was wearing just for the proc and getting rid of a proc right now is a good thing. I even beat 4 people on it. Thank you loot gods for anwering my prayers and bestowing upon me the blessing the the R.N.G.

Tonight I’m not really certain what we will do. We have Aiden to kill yet, and I know we wanted to do that. We also wanted to 2 group PR and SoH, so we may do that as well. Personally, it’s all cool with me.

Until next time, remember what I told you last time.



1. Chus - May 28, 2009

WOOT ESPN! Will you be getting the Super Bowl coverage this year too!

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