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Women should stick to healing? June 30, 2009

Posted by castillion in eq 2, Second String.

I should have gone to fan fair. Yowzas it sounds like everyone had fun and I am green with envy. There’s always next year I suppose, although a year in an MMORPG is an eternity.

On the plus side, everyone is back, so things are getting back to normal in the guild.

Monday night was a Second String night and we formed up a couple of groups and cleared PR and SoH for our normal bi-weekly plat runs. I was bitching about it last week, but Monday I also dropped a crapload of plat buying loot rights to my T4 shoulder pattern, so now I’m poor and plat runs are much more appealing. We also ran the new JW zone, EA, and the group version of Kurn’s Tower. As an aside, we also ran EA last night and, as I predicted, the second-to-last mob, Drago, has crossed into annoying. He fd’d us like every 3% last night and the fight just dragged on forever. I hope to god that’s a bug. He really shouldn’t FD you more than twice a fight. Yeah, it was funny the first time, but not 10 times during one fight. I still really like the zone otherwise.

We were back to raiding last night and had a very good night. We started off in Ykesha’s Inner Sanctum to kill the Strange Stalker and work on Kultak the Cruel. We’ve never killed Kultak and, honestly lately we’ve had the stalker kick our ass a few times before we can get by him. Last night was different and we killed the stalker with little difficulty and headed over to work on Kultak. We finally got him down! I don’t remember how many pulls it took, but I think it was only 4. You can see my awesome screenshot work at our site – Crimson Dragons.

I am glad we killed something new. It helped to diffuse a little bit of the frustration I’ve been feeling lately. I’m sure you guys have picked up on it. It’s no secret that I am not a huge fan of our loot rules, or lack thereof. I’ve been talking about that here since I started the blog. There have been a few incidents in the past month or so that have really shined a spotlight on the reasons I dislike our non-system. It’s hindering our progress, at least in my view.

I was in a pretty snarky mood last night anyway. I was a total dick to our new recruit, not that he didn’t deserve it, but I’m typically one to let things go and have a laugh. The backstory is, we recruited a new coercer. He’s undergeared and inexperienced, but these things can be fixed with time. However, after being in the guild a little over a week, we see him mention in Level 1-9 channel about how the vast majority female gamers suck.

After his comment, this is presented to him in guild chat“woah woah woah you sayin girls suck at EQ?”

Some of his responses:

xxxx says to the guild, “I ddint say taht :P”

xxxx says to the guild, “i said the vast majority do :P Clearly you are an exception :P”

xxxx says to the guild, “I dunno though, perhaps you all are amazing players and thats awesome, I dont know ya well enough to say — all i was commenting on is the vast majority of female players I have personally played with have been removed or kicked from my guilds”

xxxx “cause they sucked — But that doesnt mean I have not met some fantastic female gamers, cause I have”

bwah? Way to make a good first impression dude. It’s probably best to keep controversial beliefs like that to yourself, especially when the guild you are applying with has such a large female presence, including the guild leaders. Why would you even join a guild led by a woman if you truly believed those things?

So, of course this sparked a heated discussion in guild chat and the ladies that were online really gave him a welcome to the guild. It also put him on my personal shit list until he makes a real apology in guild chat or on our forums. I don’t mean the half-assed apology he made after guild chat blew up in his face, after which, he continued to argue his point.

Needless to say, I wasn’t really interested in conversing with him last night when he tried to reach out to be friendly. I’m  not sure he realized that I was the same guy talking to him in guild chat after he made those remarks as I was on Saynt at that time.

Our conversation last night went like this:

Him – “did ya see the changes goign to Chanters in xpac? bleh!”

Me – “yeah I saw them, will make chanters earn their spots.”

Him – “yeah, I prefer they being forced to bring more than 1 of us though :P”

Me – “I’m sure you do.”

Yeah, I was an asshole. I should apologize but it’s too soon yet.

I’m really am not sure how I feel about the upcoming changes to chanters in the expansion yet. I’m mulling it over. It could be very good or it could be very bad. As a coercer, the multiple chanter on raids issue hasn’t impacted me too much because most raids prefer a ratio of 3 Illusionists to 1 Coercer and I doubt that Coercers will lose so much raid viability you wouldn’t want one along. I am sure it’s going to get increasingly harder to keep my spot on the parse, but if they are going to create raid events where my skillset (mez, aggro management via thought snap, etc) is actually useful, I will accept the trade. For now, I am going to stay optimistic and keep an eye out for more information in the coming months.

Tonight, I have no idea what’s on our plate, but I’m sure it will be filling!


Pally > SK June 26, 2009

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Hello to everyone at Fan Fair! I hope you are having a blast and tipping one back for me (or two or three, I know how to put them away, don’t be shy).

Ahhh…it’s so nice to have Anep and Sass back. We’ve had a good run the past couple of days.

Wednesday was our last raid night of the week before everyone left for Fan Fair. We finished up VP and a couple of Second Stringer alts got their mythicals, Meya (Sinnir’s Illusionist) and Cheesecake (Seeb’s Monk) are both mythicaled now. After that, we cleared through the snake in Tombs.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

After the raid, I stayed up past my bedtime and Second String ran both of the new zones. Nothing interesting dropped, but I still really like the new Jarsath Wastes zone, Emporer’s Athenaeum. It’s just a fun zone, although I know the crowd event is just going to be annoying the 15th or 50th time you do the zone, for now it still makes me giggle.

Last night I had to work late so I was late logging on. We decided to kill RoK contested for the AA on our alts. We formed up with 8 people and killed all the Domini (except the one outside of Sebilis), Severillious and the Trakanosaurus. I was on Saynt and tanked everything. I really should have let Tarsir tank since he was along too, but screw that guy! I wanted to tank and an SK can’t hold aggro off of a Pally, especially if  you put said SK in your group and secretly put amends on him.

I don’t have any idea what we’ll be doing this weekend as there will be no raids until Monday. I am sure we’ll get some good Second String time in though!

Until then~

Reunited and it feels so good. June 24, 2009

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That’s right folks, Anep and Sasspanz are back!

We gathered together last night with 7 (later 8) people to get some plat. Think that some of Second String have been worried about funds since we haven’t been able to group x2 zones recently. Last night, We ran Protector’s Ream and Shard of Hate. Both of the zones went really well and we had a lot of trash drops in SoH. The healer gloves dropped which we promptly auctioned. Aeyanna also picked up the Signet of Betrayal for his troubadour. It’s a wonderful ring, and I rolled on it as well. I am not too disappointed about losing the roll though, as it would probably just end up killing me more than it helped me.

Wow I almost forgot, Sinnir’s shield dropped! Brace of Corporeal Darklight. We also had two Atrementous Omen drop, that went to Taylona and Rhesus, so it was a healer shield night all around

All said, we cleared about 65 plat each for the night. I can’t bitch about the plat, but I really hope we can get some decent single group time in. The plat is nice, but I still like to run the group zones and the more difficult x2 zones. I am missing the challenges that we used to have as Second String. We used to take pride into being the first through stuff or the first to take on a challenge, but lately it’s been more about filling up our banks. I hope we can work back into some challenging group content as well and maybe save the plat runs for a once a week thing.

Speaking of Shard of Hate gear, I think the Hood of Dark Dealings has been nerfed. It’s only doing about 1% of my zonewide now, which is down from about 4-5%. I though that it would escape the nerf but it doesn’t seem that it did, or something is different. I parsed it and my T3 Circlet last night and my parses with the circlet were higher, at least on a dummy. I think I’m going to wear the T3 Circlet for a bit and see how my parses do.

Tonight, VP is on the agenda. Silverwing and beyond is all that is left so hopefully it should go pretty quickly. Silverwing is an update for Seeb’s bruiser alt and Sinnir’s illusionist alt, so I know they are chomping at the bit. I guess it all depends on who’s already left for Fan Faire ;)

I’ll let you know how it went tomorrow!

Because they come in a pink bag and are yummy as hell. June 22, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.

Another weekend of my life down and I’m back at the grind. I curse my parents for not being rich so I could be lazier. It’s O.K., I can do that. My kids will be cursing me one day too. Hi Kids!

Friday night was raid night and, as I mentioned in last week’s post (you read it right?) I had to work. That meant I missed most of VP. I did finish up work just in time to log in for the Taskmaster, right after they killed Nexona. Well, actually, I finished work while they were fighting Nexona and I just pretended I still had stuff to do until they killed her because, well, because it’s Nexona. Hi Wolf! (I think I will end every section with a shout out).

Saturday the kid’s kept bothering me and wanting me to do stuff outside underneath the horrible burning yellow globe. I tried smacking them around but that wasn’t really what they were looking for. So after giving in and taking them to the pool and grocery shopping (I had to take out a loan), I was finally able to get some playtime in. Stormraven (/plp) was bored and filling his time with a bag of Danish Wedding Cookies, so we decided to give the new zones a run. We cleared the new group version of Kurn’s Tower and the new 6 man instance Emperor’s Athenaeum. Hi Storm!

I liked both of the new instances. Yes Kurn’s was a void instance rehash, but I still liked it. I really dug Emporer’s Athenaeum’s style and the instance over all. I wouldn’t call either of them super difficult as they are both mainly tank-n-spank, turn-n-burn, watchtv-n-mashbuttons fights with the exception of the final fight in EA. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. The instances were a nice break from the “how the hell are we supposed to do this” fights we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. Hi Aiden!

The final fight in EA however is super cool. You walk into a room where there are 4 Iksar Swordslizards standing in formation. I don’t remember their given names, but each of them has a color coordinated title – Jade, Sapphire, Night, and Sunrise (tre chic). All four of them are also dressed to the nines, each strapping a glowing katana across their back, the color of which matches their name and outfit. I am sure they all also have wallets that say Bad Motherfucker on them.

There are 4 towers in the room, one in each corner. The towers each contain a glowing sphere that, luckily enough, each glow with a color matching one of the 4 lizardmen. When you click on a tower during the fight, it will freeze the lizard man with the same color title, the green tower freezes the jade lizard, for example.

Two people are assigned click duty. You could use more than two, but it’s really easier to control if only two people are doing the clicking. The tank engages all 4 named (note: it’s really important that the tank aggros all 4 named before anything else happens, otherwise the event will reset after about 40 seconds). As soon as the tank engages, each of the clickers freeze a named, so that two are frozen. The group then burns down one of the two active mobs. When the two frozen mobs re-activate, the two clickers freeze the two that the group is fighitng and the group goes to work on the two fresh named. Rinse and repeat the click/freeze until all 4 are dead.

It took a few pulls to work it out, but once we did they dropped pretty easily. I do suggest having two healers along though as the named really pound on the tank, plus they AE and do all kinds of other fun stuff to the rest of the group.

Saturday I ran a couple of shard instances with Storm and we also managed to work WOE in there. We killed Aiden again, but no coercer arms this time.

Catch y’all tomorra.

Sir Rouland pwns some noobs. June 19, 2009

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Good Morning!

EQ2 time has been going well the past couple of days. Castillion has been raiding and 12 man raiding and I’ve been able to get a little time on the Pally to work the new quests.

Yes, I decided to do the new questlines with Saynt instead of Castillion for a couple of reasons. One, Castillion is already at 193 AA and I don’t need to actively work his AA I don’t think. I’d prefer to save as many quests as I can for when the expansion is released. It gives me one more avenue for leveling. Saynt is only at 174 AA and needs at least 10 more to get his two TSO endline abilities, which I really want for him. Two, I enjoy playing dress up with the pally more than I do the coercer, so I want to get Saynt the new Ice Unicorn mount and some of the new armor pieces for his appearance slots.

I raided with Castillion on Wednesday. It was one of our good raid nights when we one or two pulled everything. I wish we could bottle up nights like that and repeat them with more regularity. We killed the Overking and Leviathan for Mythical updates and then ran over to TotMC and killed through Thet.

Last night it was all x2 fun. We started in WoE and killed Aiden. The coercer T3 arms dropped but I lost the roll. The guild MT won however, so that’s almost as good as me winning as the better he tanks, the more loots I get ultimately. We then ran over to continue our Kurn’s Tower x2 instance. The last time we were in there we killed the first named and tonight we wanted to kill Sir Rouland.

We didn’t kill him. Holy crap this encounter is a pain. I will outline it below, but please keep in mind this is only our “best guess” at what to do as we have not killed him yet. In fact, we only managed to get him to ~70%, so if you have input on what we were doing or changes we can make to make the fight easier, please respond.

Sir Rouland:

The setting: Sir Rouland is in a small room circular room that is suspended in the air with open sides. In the middle of the room is a large purple circle. The circle is surrounded by a walkway, on this walkway are 4 grates located at the points of the compass – North, South, East, and West. There are narrow walls behind the North and South grates.

The Challenge/event: It’s a hairy little event. Once you engage Sir Rouland, periodically one or more of the grates will ‘bubble up’ and shoot flames/bubbles out the top of it. A nasty arcane dot will hit anyone standing on or near a grate when it activates. The dot can be avoided by running the fuck away from the grate or it can be cured, although it hits hard and fast so you have to cure it fast or die. Also, it seems as if the grates do some sort of added damage if you stand on them while they are bubbling up. While this is happening, Sir Rouland will occasionally tell someone in the group that it’s “Time to Fly!” and try to knock your ass off pedestal to your death (along with anyone that might be near you). Keep in mind that when a grate ‘bubbles up’ you have exactly .073 seconds to react or you get dotted to hell.

A couple of important actions to note that were consistent throughout our various attempts at this encounter. One, when you’re told it’s ‘time to fly’ try to get away from everyone and put your face in a wall. It seems that if you are near anyone when it goes off, it knocks them off the tower as well. There’s some speculation that if you are standing on an inactive grate, you won’t get knocked off either, but I am not sure if that was a fluke or not. Two, cure the arcane off the tank ASAP.

We had two basic strats that got us anywhere.

The first strat was to pull the named and the tank to tank him with his back against one of the two walls. Healers and mages cured the arcane off the tank and he held the mob on that grate with his back to the wall. The rest of the group ran around like monkeys from grate to grate trying to DPS and avoid the bubbles. There were two issues I saw with this, one if the tank isn’t cured quickly enough he’s dead, two once the tank gets the arcane he loses aggro almost immediately from the stun and the mob comes and kills the mages before they can cure the tank.

The second strat was for all of us to gather in the middle area and try to avoid the bubbles by moving slightly left and right. The tank grabbed the mob and moved him around the grates. This worked fairly well for me as I was generally able to cure myself with a potion before the arcane dot killed me. I think we got him to the 70% mark like this. I don’t think it’s the preferred or easiest way to do it though and everyone has to be on top of curing and moving to make it work.

All in all it’s a very difficult encounter for us so far and it seems like you really have to have the stars aligned to beat him, but we’ll see. I know he’s not the most popular encounter in the zone ;) I welcome any input on it, otherwise we’ll hopefully get him down soon.

Tonight I’ll be working so there won’t be a ton of EQ playing and I’ll miss the raid. Summer weekends are so much busier than the winter, but I hope I can get some playtime in anyway. Talk at you soon!

Bellywhumping in Kurn’s Tower June 17, 2009

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Well. It’s hard to say. I appeared to be parsing pretty well last night. I won’t really know for sure until we have a raid, but thus far it appears as if I’ve prepared well enough for where I’m at in progression. I was busting 10k in Kurn’s Tower without any buffs of any kind, not even a dirge, so it looks as if my DPS will be pretty steady.

So, no whining about the patch here. I know I will never reach the heights of the parse that other, more uber, Coercers have been able to hit, but if I never knew what Strawberry Ice cream tasted like, I’d never know what I missed.

Yes, we went to Kurn’s Tower last night. Let me start from the beginning..

I logged on and immediately did 3 things.

First, I checked my gear to see what had changed and went to Lavastorm to see the new jewelry. I did have a couple of pieces that were reset to attuneable, but since I was wearing them I just re-attuned them. The new jewelry in Lavastorm was interesting, but right now 25 spell damage is not worth the 20 shard and 1 plat+ price tag.

Next, I visited the new Research Assistant in Neriak and started a spell upgrade. I will have the master version of Possess Essence in a mere 25 days.

Lastly, I went and started working on getting keyed for Kurn’s Tower. The process starts at the Bellywhumper camp in Fens of Nathsar with Pulnil the Haggler. I assume you need to have some level of faction with the Bellywhumpers to start the quest, but since I had already done all the quests and had my pretty coin, he gave it to me right away.

The flagging process is pretty painless and just involves running around the zone killing some green mobs and harvesting some stuff. It took me about 45 minutes to complete. The AA experience improvement was awesome. I am definitely going to love that part of the update.

Later on in the night we had planned to run Kurn’s Tower with Stormraven and Co. We formed up as follows:

Stormraven – 80 Shadowknight
Sinnir – 80 Templar
Oogg – 80 Defiler
Wolfette – 80 Swashbuckler
Castillion – 80 Coercer
Taylona – 80 Fury
Rhyanna – 80 Fury
Ddordos – 80 Ranger
Callous – 80 Guardian
Seeb – 80 Brigand
Llebreknit – 80 Illusionist
Wylee – 80 Troubadour

We zoned into the zone and were at the bottom of a huge pit with a climbable wall leading up, which I immediately climbed. I had ample opportunity to study the next room as Rhyanna tried to figure out that you climb up the wall, not run back down the corridor and zone out. It took her a couple of tries to get it but she eventually joined us at the top of the pit. (<3 Rhy)

We were standing at the edge of a huge chamber with some kind of dais in the middle that was flanked on both sides by lit firepots. Groups of orange con mobs were spread around the room and the named mob, Haggle Baron Klok, was roaming all over the chamber.

We really had no idea what we were getting into, so our plan was to clear all the trash mobs and then pull the named into a corner somewhere. So we did. We pulled him and at 85% he ported to the middle of the raised area and the event reset.


We tried again with the same result but this time we noticed that at 85% we got a red or blue detrimental. So, we decided to pull him on the dais and jump in the firepots to cure the detrimental. That was a bad idea as, while fire might cure disease, the third degree burns are a nasty side effect.

We eventually found that when we were cursed with the blue and red effects that correspondingly colored bubbles were popping around the room and, with some input from friends, we figured out you should stand in the bubble that matches the color of your detrimental until the detrimental ticks off.

We also discovered that the mobs in the room respawn. ouch.

A few thousand pulls later and we killed him. He dropped a very nice belt that Stormraven won and got the discovery for (of course, he is a loot whore). It was pretty late by this time, so we gave the next mob a couple of cursory pulls and called it a night.

I wish I had more to tell you about the mobs in the zone, but with our late start I am happy we got one down. Here’s a basic strat for the first named in the new x2 zone, Kurn’s Tower:

Haggle Baron Klok

Pull him to the dais in the center of the room. Be careful to avoid the fire pots on each side as they have a small radius AE that will put a hurting on you.

Periodically during the fight he will curse random people in the group (the tank was cursed most of the time for us). It hurts so I recommend curing it asap, especially off of the tank.

He also has a random knock up which is only problematic really if it knocks you into respawns.

At 85%, 70%, 55%, 40%, and 25% health, everyone in the zone will get either a red detrimental or a blue detrimental. At the same time, two spheres will spawn, one red and one blue. Everyone must run into the sphere that matches the color of their detriment and stay in the sphere until the detriment completely ticks off. Anyone outside of their respective spheres when it ticks off will be cursed and charmed. It’s a long charm and it completely sucks if you get it, so be sure you’re in the right sphere. Klok also ports to the middle of the dias and root himself until the detrimentals tick off, then he’ll charge whoever has aggro. The tank should drag him back on top of the pedestal as soon as he can.

When you finally get him to 10% health, he either summons adds or summons the mobs that you left up in the room to come help him, but the adds can be avoided if you are fighting him on the pedestal in the middle of the room.

I think he also summons a heroic add occasionally during the encounter but we killed it so fast it’s hard to know if it was a result of the script or just some other random add.

That’s all we know about the zone right now. We did get Klok down and that’s all I gleaned from the fight so far. I’ll update as more information flows in and I’ll let you know if we have any success on mobs farther in.

’till then!

Doomsday June 16, 2009

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My Gaming Life is over. Over! Over!

Today I shall only be a hollow shell of my former self. I am not the man I once was. I am nerfed.

Or am I? I don’t know. I don’t think it’s going to be as bad as the doomsayers have doomsayed, but we shall see. Unless they’ve changed something for Coercers outside of procs that I am not aware of, I think I am going to be ok. I may drop a spot or two on the parse but I don’t think it’s going to have a huge impact on me. I will still put out very nice DPS and bring nice utility. I am ok with losing a spot or two. (I’m not really.)

I may eat these words in a few hours after I get home so I reserve the right to take the complete opposite stance tomorrow and totally whine about the nerf.

Last night we raided the old zones, Pawbuster/Thuuga/etc for alt mythical updates. It was actually fun. I had a good time and it was nice to have a more relaxing raid night. We’ve seriously done the same TSO zones every raid night for a month or more and I was getting really burned out on them. This is a welcome change of pace. I think for Wednesday’s raid we’ll be finishing Kor Sha and doing Leviathan in preparation for a VP run. Yes! I know I’m a strange duck, but I still like VP and, in case I didn’t mention, I need a break from TSO. I wonder if that’s where my recent disillusionment has come from, just a burn out from the same old same old. I am revitalized knowing we are doing something different.

Tonight I believe we’ve made arrangements to give the new x2 zone, Kurn’s Tower, a go. It should be interesting. There’s also two new group zones that were released, along with a ton of quests. This should keep me busy for a while. I have three characters to take through the quests. It’s a good thing as Saynt will finally get his AA up to where I want it to be and Cilantro will get a few as well. Then again, I haven’t finished the Moors or Lavastorm lines on either one of them ;) I need to take a night off of grouping and just quest with Saynt.

That’s enough of my rambling for one day. Hasta!

Be prepared! June 15, 2009

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Still alive and still kickin’.

It’s been incredibly busy as of late in real life, preparing for summertime and enjoying the warm weather, well what these northerners call warm anyway. Now that I’m living way up north, I’m having to adjust to still wearing a jacket in June ;)

The past week has been fun in game. I’ve worked my way into a few pick up groups here and there and started building my shards back up. There was a time when I thought I’d have a bank full of shards, but trying to bring the swashbuckler up to speed and winning a few upgrades really depleted my shards. I was below 10! I’m back up to a level where I can buy an upgrade or two if I need, just in time for the new update. I hear that there might be some upgraded version of some of the jewelry I’ve won out of WoE, so it’ll be nice to have the shards to pick those upgrades up.

Speaking of WoE, I’ve ventured into it a few more times. Castillion has a full set of T3, minus the arms, which is the only piece I really want. We managed another Aiden kill last night and the Coercer arms did not drop. We were able to reset the zone right after the Aiden kill, so we cleared to Aiden again and I am hoping we can drop him tonight. I want those damn arms!

On the raiding front, it’s been steady. We haven’t killed anything new, but we’ve managed to kill the same TSO mobs over and over. Tonight we are running epic update raids, Korsha, Leviathan, Thuuga, etc. in preparation for VP  and, I have to say, I’m really looking forward to it. Anything other than TSO right now is good. It’s definitely time for a small break from those zones.

Tuesday is supposed to bring about GU52. I’m ready for it. I think I’ve prepared fairly well for the proc changes and, by my calculations with ACT, I should only lose around 5% of my personal DPS in most zones. It’s definitely going to hit the more uber chanters pretty hard, but since I am not sporting any avatar gear or anything beyond T4 boots, I am able to adjust gear a little bit to offset the change. I guess this is one benefit of not being the biggest badass on the block. I still have a couple of pieces I’d like to replace to try to keep my current DPS steady, but I wasn’t able to pick them up before the change hits.

I think this is going to come as a shock to some of the people I run with that are claiming I do too much DPS. I think they are going to see the proc change hitting them harder than it hits me as I’ve tried to prepare as much as I can. On that note, with Xorlin in the guild now , who outparses me easily, it’s nice to be able to say “see that’s how you should be parsing” and it’s not that I’m overpowered necessarily, as much as it’s a matter of putting the work in. Although I realize that enchanter DPS, especially illusionists, is probably going to be tuned down. I just hope it’s for the right reasons.

Talk at you tomorrow!

If you can’t say something nice… June 10, 2009

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We had another foray into Ward of Elements last night. We had a lot of fun but the zone took forever. That was mainly because we sold a lot of gear. I think we ended up making between 150 – 180 plat, which was pretty nice. Unfortunately, we didn’t kill Aiden. I think our healing crew was just not strong enough to keep us alive through the dragon, although we did extremely well blocking the adds from spawning, only having one set every time.

It sucked leaving Aiden up. I really want the damn T3 arms, that’s the only thing in the zone that I want at all actually, at least until I can start bringing Saynt in to pick up patterns. We had a couple of patterns drop last night that he could have looted, but he was locked out from me tanking it a couple of days ago. Figures!

Tuesday night we raided TotMC. There’s really not a lot I can say about it and remain positive, so I let it pass yesterday. It was one of the nights we struggled to kill a mob we have the capability of killing in one pull. I have many thoughts on the reasons for this, but I’m just letting it go. Take a deep breath…in…let it out…

Tonight we are back on the raiding scene and I hope we can redeem ourselves.

Till then!

What class am I again? Or tales of MPD. June 8, 2009

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It was a fun weekend in game.

It started off Thursday night with a run into Ward of Elements. We took one group of Second String and hooked up with Stomraven’s crew to give Aiden a go. Anep was also able to bring his dirge, Worknemangel, along for the quest updates. I have to say that it was a very very smooth run. We cleared through the zone with only a small bump at the library. Then it was smooth sailing to Aiden. I figured Aiden would take a few pulls as 1/3 of the raid had never been here. I was wrong, we killed him on the first pull. I forget what arms he dropped, but they weren’t Coercer!

It was definitely a lot of fun and we got 4 more people set up for Munzok’s. I was really concerned with getting Anep’s raid toon through an Aiden kill before he left for his hiatus and was glad we were able to flag him his last real night of playing.

Friday night was a raid night and we found ourselves back in Totmc and YIS. TotMC went as expected and we one-pulled Thet. YIS was a little rougher and it took us a couple of pulls to get the Strange Stalker down, then we moved on to Kultak the Cruel. Time was running short so we were only able to get a couple of pulls in on him, but damn we made good progress. I really forsee him dropping in the near future.

The big news of the night was Xorlin. I’ve talked about him before here as a friend of Second String. Friday Xorlin accompanied us on the YIS raid and ended up joining our guild. Welcome aboard Xorlin!

Second String followed up Friday’s raid with our own mini raids. We started with Shard of Hate. Unfortunately, all of our mains were locked out so we tried an alt run and didn’t get passed the first named. We just didn’t have the melee DPS with us. Saynt did well tanking though. After SoH, we popped over to PR for some quick plat and called it a night.

Saturday was lazy. The guild had a guild run for WoE planned, and I was locked out and none of my alts really fit into the groups they had, so I did some pugging shard runs. I called it an early night and caught up on some movies I had been meaning to watch. (Go go Western night).

Sunday was another nice day. I logged in for some pug shard runs but friends were hosting a pick-up Shard of Hate run, a full raid, and were looking for a swash. I hopped over to Cilantro and tagged along with them. It was a lot of fun and we cleared through this Sisters. Neither of the items I was looking for, Lifespike or Axe of Venom, dropped but it was fun anyway.

Later in the evening I was tooling around on Saynt and was asked if I’d like to come tank WoE. I hesitated a bit. I had never tanked WoE (or even brought Saynt in there) and it had been a long time since I had tanked anything harder than AoB for anyone outside of Second String. A few encouraging words from Sinnir convinced me though and I signed up thinking that the worst thing that could happen would be I killed everyone.

It actually went fairly well for a pug run of WoE. I traded tanking duties with a berserker and we both did really well in the zone. I was even keeping up with his parse, not bad for a pally! We cleared through to the fire room, but we were just lacking in DPS overall and it was late so we called it there.

Saynt won the T3 helm (both of them) and now has one piece of T3, one piece of T4 and the rest T2. Unfortunately, I wasn’t thinking and traded in my T2 hat for the T3 hat before securing enough pieces for a set bonus. So now I am unable to change gear around at all or I’ll break up a set bonus. There goes my DPStank set. I can now go full tank or full DPS but I’m locked out of the hybrid set I had made. C’est la vie.

We have a pretty full week ahead of us I think. Tonight is a raid night, Tuesday night may be another go at WOE, then Wednesday is another raid night. Thursday Sinnir is taking a short trip out of town so I’ll be on my own. I was hoping to get a little Second String action in, minus SassNep of course, but it looks like we are all booked for most of the week.

I’ll fill ya in on how things go!