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Who’s on first? June 1, 2009

Posted by castillion in eq 2, Second String.

There wasn’t a lot of gaming this weekend, but Oh Lord, the game time I did have was certainly exciting.

Friday night was an intended raid night but I was stuck working late and by the time I got home and Sinnir and I finished dinner and a little shopping we had missed the raid. I hated to miss but it was just one of those nights.

The shopping continued into Saturday and we missed the early Saturday raid as well, although those have kind of been hit and miss lately and I am not sure one was scheduled.

I mentioned last week that Saturday we had planned on having a Second String get together to send Anep off in style. I also mentioned that Sasspanz had a rather interesting idea on what we should do. Her idea was that we would all have a few cocktails (no surprise there) and run some instances…..but here’s the catch…we’d all switch characters. Yes, we’d all switch characters and run Maidens and see how far we could get.

We formed up as follows:

Anep (played by Sinnir) – 80 Shadowknight
Sasspanz (played by Aeyanna) – 80 Assassin
Aeyanna (played by Taylona) – 80 Troubadour
Taylona (played by Castillion) – 80 Fury
Castillion (played by Anep) – 80 Coercer
Sinnir (played by Sasspanz) – 80 Assassin

The idea was that we’d all play characters that were as different from our mains or any alts that we have as possible. This was going to be awesome.

We decided to start with Maidens. Maidens, of all zones, has the most meaning for Second String. It’s pretty much where Second String formed. We ran all of the RoK zones when we all first hooked up, but we spent the most time dying to Sandstorm in Maidens. It’s where we honed our skills, became fast friends, and learned to rely on each other. Castillion was born because we needed a chanter for that zone (I was Cilantro the Swashbuckler prior) and we figured we’d need a chanter for future zones, such as RE2 and later TSO. So nostalgia deemed our first zone be Maidens.

We zoned in and started the night off with a toast (there were many more of those during the  night, but I shall mention it no more). We all assumed we’d be dying horribly, but that wasn’t the point of this exercise.

How wrong we were! We blew through the zone with minimal deaths (amazing since Sass and I were healing.) We celebrated the death of each named in typical Second String fashion, so some of us, Sasspanz especially, were feeling a little bubbly by the time we reached Drusella, but we pulled off the kill with little difficulty.

Giddy with Victory, we decided to up the difficulty slightly and do a TSO zone. We ported over to Lavastorm and zoned into Deep Forge. We started working the zone and it was going pretty smoothly, but we lost SinnirPanz somewhere along the way. She had to take a break for food and recuperation for a bit ;)

We still managed to clear Deep Forge and decided that such zones were not really much of a challenge at all and why don’t we just head over to PALACE OF FERZHUL to find a real challenge? That’s just what we did.

Now, I’m sure it’s probably due to the lateness of the hour, but my memory starts getting a little fuzzy at that point. We made it to the first named in Palace and I had some issues navigating the stairs, poor lighting in there you know. I decided at that point that I needed to have a meaningful discussion with my pillow and logged out.

It was an amazing and fun night. We laughed and laughed and laughed and had such a good time. I spent most of the night thinking of funny things to say in guild chat as Taylona. This was one of the best ideas that we’ve ever followed through on. I give Sasspanz all the credit for this one, I don’t know how she thought of it but damn it was a good time.

Sunday I didn’t log in at all. It was a day of rest and recuperation.

Thanks so much Second String, you guys make this game what it is for me. We’ll miss you while you are gone Anep, but we’ll save a spot and a beer for your return, like always.



1. Chus - June 1, 2009

WOOT He’s not dead! Body swap, born of Sassy executed by SS, Hosted by Jose and Jack. Ya’ll are crazy.

Have a safe trip Anep. I will miss our 4am groups. Don’t do anything this ex-sailor wouldn’t do.
>;) >;) >;)

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