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The R.N.G. and I have totally made up. June 4, 2009

Posted by castillion in eq 2, Second String.
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We raided Palace of the Ancient One last night. We were short a few people and had some new people along with us, so Switchmaster killed us again. We defined our strat for him though, I think. I feel good about making progress on  him the next time we can get in there with a good raid force full of people who want to progress past him.

I managed to win another piece of loot, a nice +5 crit, +100 spell damage wrist piece. I’d passed on it before, but with the impending nerf proc I wanted it to replace my Varsoon wrist. I beat 4 or 5 people on it. Man, 6 months of no loot then my luck does a complete 180 and I am on a hot streak. I’m not complaining!

It’ll be nice when we get back to killing things in raids. This wiping to mobs that we’ve killed on the first pull in the past is the pits. It’s just a matter of getting the newer raiders up to speed and getting some of the issues worked out. Everyone needs to be there to succeed and give it their all. Raiding as “something to do” is fine, but progression nights to be more focused and have the right characters along, when possible at least. Those right people need to be online too ;)

Tonight I am not sure what is on our agenda but I expect it to be pretty quiet. I’ll fill ya in tomorrow!



1. Wolfette - June 4, 2009

What I need from people is to sign up for the raids they can make and make the ones they sign up for. Lately I dont know who I am going to have untill 15 mins before start time. It makes it rough to plan a target if I dont know what raiders are going to show up that night. =/

2. castillion - June 4, 2009

Yeah, I totally feel for you there Wolf. It’s frustrating for all, and I know I’ve missed a couple of times the past few weeks as well.

I know it’s that time of year where people turn to other pursuits, but it definitely makes it rough on those of us still looking to push some mobs over.

There’s no real solution right now except what you guys are trying to do, bring some other folks up to speed. Just a matter of patience on every one’s part as well as some of the regular raiders giving the raid a little more focus than we are accustomed to while we bring others up to our level of comfort with the raid scene.

There’s just such a huge disparity in our raid nights sometimes. Sometimes it’s in and out, one or two pulls and getting loot. Some nights it’s the opposite. It’s weird, but I guess it’s the nature of a kind of rotating raid force that we have right now.

Whatever it is I have total faith in you working it. No pressure or anything. You’ve got the rest of the week before I start throwing rocks!

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