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What class am I again? Or tales of MPD. June 8, 2009

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It was a fun weekend in game.

It started off Thursday night with a run into Ward of Elements. We took one group of Second String and hooked up with Stomraven’s crew to give Aiden a go. Anep was also able to bring his dirge, Worknemangel, along for the quest updates. I have to say that it was a very very smooth run. We cleared through the zone with only a small bump at the library. Then it was smooth sailing to Aiden. I figured Aiden would take a few pulls as 1/3 of the raid had never been here. I was wrong, we killed him on the first pull. I forget what arms he dropped, but they weren’t Coercer!

It was definitely a lot of fun and we got 4 more people set up for Munzok’s. I was really concerned with getting Anep’s raid toon through an Aiden kill before he left for his hiatus and was glad we were able to flag him his last real night of playing.

Friday night was a raid night and we found ourselves back in Totmc and YIS. TotMC went as expected and we one-pulled Thet. YIS was a little rougher and it took us a couple of pulls to get the Strange Stalker down, then we moved on to Kultak the Cruel. Time was running short so we were only able to get a couple of pulls in on him, but damn we made good progress. I really forsee him dropping in the near future.

The big news of the night was Xorlin. I’ve talked about him before here as a friend of Second String. Friday Xorlin accompanied us on the YIS raid and ended up joining our guild. Welcome aboard Xorlin!

Second String followed up Friday’s raid with our own mini raids. We started with Shard of Hate. Unfortunately, all of our mains were locked out so we tried an alt run and didn’t get passed the first named. We just didn’t have the melee DPS with us. Saynt did well tanking though. After SoH, we popped over to PR for some quick plat and called it a night.

Saturday was lazy. The guild had a guild run for WoE planned, and I was locked out and none of my alts really fit into the groups they had, so I did some pugging shard runs. I called it an early night and caught up on some movies I had been meaning to watch. (Go go Western night).

Sunday was another nice day. I logged in for some pug shard runs but friends were hosting a pick-up Shard of Hate run, a full raid, and were looking for a swash. I hopped over to Cilantro and tagged along with them. It was a lot of fun and we cleared through this Sisters. Neither of the items I was looking for, Lifespike or Axe of Venom, dropped but it was fun anyway.

Later in the evening I was tooling around on Saynt and was asked if I’d like to come tank WoE. I hesitated a bit. I had never tanked WoE (or even brought Saynt in there) and it had been a long time since I had tanked anything harder than AoB for anyone outside of Second String. A few encouraging words from Sinnir convinced me though and I signed up thinking that the worst thing that could happen would be I killed everyone.

It actually went fairly well for a pug run of WoE. I traded tanking duties with a berserker and we both did really well in the zone. I was even keeping up with his parse, not bad for a pally! We cleared through to the fire room, but we were just lacking in DPS overall and it was late so we called it there.

Saynt won the T3 helm (both of them) and now has one piece of T3, one piece of T4 and the rest T2. Unfortunately, I wasn’t thinking and traded in my T2 hat for the T3 hat before securing enough pieces for a set bonus. So now I am unable to change gear around at all or I’ll break up a set bonus. There goes my DPStank set. I can now go full tank or full DPS but I’m locked out of the hybrid set I had made. C’est la vie.

We have a pretty full week ahead of us I think. Tonight is a raid night, Tuesday night may be another go at WOE, then Wednesday is another raid night. Thursday Sinnir is taking a short trip out of town so I’ll be on my own. I was hoping to get a little Second String action in, minus SassNep of course, but it looks like we are all booked for most of the week.

I’ll fill ya in on how things go!



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