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If you can’t say something nice… June 10, 2009

Posted by castillion in eq 2.
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We had another foray into Ward of Elements last night. We had a lot of fun but the zone took forever. That was mainly because we sold a lot of gear. I think we ended up making between 150 – 180 plat, which was pretty nice. Unfortunately, we didn’t kill Aiden. I think our healing crew was just not strong enough to keep us alive through the dragon, although we did extremely well blocking the adds from spawning, only having one set every time.

It sucked leaving Aiden up. I really want the damn T3 arms, that’s the only thing in the zone that I want at all actually, at least until I can start bringing Saynt in to pick up patterns. We had a couple of patterns drop last night that he could have looted, but he was locked out from me tanking it a couple of days ago. Figures!

Tuesday night we raided TotMC. There’s really not a lot I can say about it and remain positive, so I let it pass yesterday. It was one of the nights we struggled to kill a mob we have the capability of killing in one pull. I have many thoughts on the reasons for this, but I’m just letting it go. Take a deep breath…in…let it out…

Tonight we are back on the raiding scene and I hope we can redeem ourselves.

Till then!



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