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Doomsday June 16, 2009

Posted by castillion in eq 2.

My Gaming Life is over. Over! Over!

Today I shall only be a hollow shell of my former self. I am not the man I once was. I am nerfed.

Or am I? I don’t know. I don’t think it’s going to be as bad as the doomsayers have doomsayed, but we shall see. Unless they’ve changed something for Coercers outside of procs that I am not aware of, I think I am going to be ok. I may drop a spot or two on the parse but I don’t think it’s going to have a huge impact on me. I will still put out very nice DPS and bring nice utility. I am ok with losing a spot or two. (I’m not really.)

I may eat these words in a few hours after I get home so I reserve the right to take the complete opposite stance tomorrow and totally whine about the nerf.

Last night we raided the old zones, Pawbuster/Thuuga/etc for alt mythical updates. It was actually fun. I had a good time and it was nice to have a more relaxing raid night. We’ve seriously done the same TSO zones every raid night for a month or more and I was getting really burned out on them. This is a welcome change of pace. I think for Wednesday’s raid we’ll be finishing Kor Sha and doing Leviathan in preparation for a VP run. Yes! I know I’m a strange duck, but I still like VP and, in case I didn’t mention, I need a break from TSO. I wonder if that’s where my recent disillusionment has come from, just a burn out from the same old same old. I am revitalized knowing we are doing something different.

Tonight I believe we’ve made arrangements to give the new x2 zone, Kurn’s Tower, a go. It should be interesting. There’s also two new group zones that were released, along with a ton of quests. This should keep me busy for a while. I have three characters to take through the quests. It’s a good thing as Saynt will finally get his AA up to where I want it to be and Cilantro will get a few as well. Then again, I haven’t finished the Moors or Lavastorm lines on either one of them ;) I need to take a night off of grouping and just quest with Saynt.

That’s enough of my rambling for one day. Hasta!



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