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Sir Rouland pwns some noobs. June 19, 2009

Posted by castillion in eq 2.
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Good Morning!

EQ2 time has been going well the past couple of days. Castillion has been raiding and 12 man raiding and I’ve been able to get a little time on the Pally to work the new quests.

Yes, I decided to do the new questlines with Saynt instead of Castillion for a couple of reasons. One, Castillion is already at 193 AA and I don’t need to actively work his AA I don’t think. I’d prefer to save as many quests as I can for when the expansion is released. It gives me one more avenue for leveling. Saynt is only at 174 AA and needs at least 10 more to get his two TSO endline abilities, which I really want for him. Two, I enjoy playing dress up with the pally more than I do the coercer, so I want to get Saynt the new Ice Unicorn mount and some of the new armor pieces for his appearance slots.

I raided with Castillion on Wednesday. It was one of our good raid nights when we one or two pulled everything. I wish we could bottle up nights like that and repeat them with more regularity. We killed the Overking and Leviathan for Mythical updates and then ran over to TotMC and killed through Thet.

Last night it was all x2 fun. We started in WoE and killed Aiden. The coercer T3 arms dropped but I lost the roll. The guild MT won however, so that’s almost as good as me winning as the better he tanks, the more loots I get ultimately. We then ran over to continue our Kurn’s Tower x2 instance. The last time we were in there we killed the first named and tonight we wanted to kill Sir Rouland.

We didn’t kill him. Holy crap this encounter is a pain. I will outline it below, but please keep in mind this is only our “best guess” at what to do as we have not killed him yet. In fact, we only managed to get him to ~70%, so if you have input on what we were doing or changes we can make to make the fight easier, please respond.

Sir Rouland:

The setting: Sir Rouland is in a small room circular room that is suspended in the air with open sides. In the middle of the room is a large purple circle. The circle is surrounded by a walkway, on this walkway are 4 grates located at the points of the compass – North, South, East, and West. There are narrow walls behind the North and South grates.

The Challenge/event: It’s a hairy little event. Once you engage Sir Rouland, periodically one or more of the grates will ‘bubble up’ and shoot flames/bubbles out the top of it. A nasty arcane dot will hit anyone standing on or near a grate when it activates. The dot can be avoided by running the fuck away from the grate or it can be cured, although it hits hard and fast so you have to cure it fast or die. Also, it seems as if the grates do some sort of added damage if you stand on them while they are bubbling up. While this is happening, Sir Rouland will occasionally tell someone in the group that it’s “Time to Fly!” and try to knock your ass off pedestal to your death (along with anyone that might be near you). Keep in mind that when a grate ‘bubbles up’ you have exactly .073 seconds to react or you get dotted to hell.

A couple of important actions to note that were consistent throughout our various attempts at this encounter. One, when you’re told it’s ‘time to fly’ try to get away from everyone and put your face in a wall. It seems that if you are near anyone when it goes off, it knocks them off the tower as well. There’s some speculation that if you are standing on an inactive grate, you won’t get knocked off either, but I am not sure if that was a fluke or not. Two, cure the arcane off the tank ASAP.

We had two basic strats that got us anywhere.

The first strat was to pull the named and the tank to tank him with his back against one of the two walls. Healers and mages cured the arcane off the tank and he held the mob on that grate with his back to the wall. The rest of the group ran around like monkeys from grate to grate trying to DPS and avoid the bubbles. There were two issues I saw with this, one if the tank isn’t cured quickly enough he’s dead, two once the tank gets the arcane he loses aggro almost immediately from the stun and the mob comes and kills the mages before they can cure the tank.

The second strat was for all of us to gather in the middle area and try to avoid the bubbles by moving slightly left and right. The tank grabbed the mob and moved him around the grates. This worked fairly well for me as I was generally able to cure myself with a potion before the arcane dot killed me. I think we got him to the 70% mark like this. I don’t think it’s the preferred or easiest way to do it though and everyone has to be on top of curing and moving to make it work.

All in all it’s a very difficult encounter for us so far and it seems like you really have to have the stars aligned to beat him, but we’ll see. I know he’s not the most popular encounter in the zone ;) I welcome any input on it, otherwise we’ll hopefully get him down soon.

Tonight I’ll be working so there won’t be a ton of EQ playing and I’ll miss the raid. Summer weekends are so much busier than the winter, but I hope I can get some playtime in anyway. Talk at you soon!



1. Grump - June 19, 2009

I enjoyed the Sir Roland fight, we had everyone move at the same time. To kill him, a few high end encounters require a “move or die” strat, Avatar of Growth, Below, The Tangrin. So we just needed coordinate our moves in the right direction at the right time. It took a few tries to get it right.

My question why is a “Knight”, guarding Kurn’s Tower? I guess I am going to need to find some lore on Kurn’s Tower.

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