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Because they come in a pink bag and are yummy as hell. June 22, 2009

Posted by castillion in EQ2.

Another weekend of my life down and I’m back at the grind. I curse my parents for not being rich so I could be lazier. It’s O.K., I can do that. My kids will be cursing me one day too. Hi Kids!

Friday night was raid night and, as I mentioned in last week’s post (you read it right?) I had to work. That meant I missed most of VP. I did finish up work just in time to log in for the Taskmaster, right after they killed Nexona. Well, actually, I finished work while they were fighting Nexona and I just pretended I still had stuff to do until they killed her because, well, because it’s Nexona. Hi Wolf! (I think I will end every section with a shout out).

Saturday the kid’s kept bothering me and wanting me to do stuff outside underneath the horrible burning yellow globe. I tried smacking them around but that wasn’t really what they were looking for. So after giving in and taking them to the pool and grocery shopping (I had to take out a loan), I was finally able to get some playtime in. Stormraven (/plp) was bored and filling his time with a bag of Danish Wedding Cookies, so we decided to give the new zones a run. We cleared the new group version of Kurn’s Tower and the new 6 man instance Emperor’s Athenaeum. Hi Storm!

I liked both of the new instances. Yes Kurn’s was a void instance rehash, but I still liked it. I really dug Emporer’s Athenaeum’s style and the instance over all. I wouldn’t call either of them super difficult as they are both mainly tank-n-spank, turn-n-burn, watchtv-n-mashbuttons fights with the exception of the final fight in EA. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. The instances were a nice break from the “how the hell are we supposed to do this” fights we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. Hi Aiden!

The final fight in EA however is super cool. You walk into a room where there are 4 Iksar Swordslizards standing in formation. I don’t remember their given names, but each of them has a color coordinated title – Jade, Sapphire, Night, and Sunrise (tre chic). All four of them are also dressed to the nines, each strapping a glowing katana across their back, the color of which matches their name and outfit. I am sure they all also have wallets that say Bad Motherfucker on them.

There are 4 towers in the room, one in each corner. The towers each contain a glowing sphere that, luckily enough, each glow with a color matching one of the 4 lizardmen. When you click on a tower during the fight, it will freeze the lizard man with the same color title, the green tower freezes the jade lizard, for example.

Two people are assigned click duty. You could use more than two, but it’s really easier to control if only two people are doing the clicking. The tank engages all 4 named (note: it’s really important that the tank aggros all 4 named before anything else happens, otherwise the event will reset after about 40 seconds). As soon as the tank engages, each of the clickers freeze a named, so that two are frozen. The group then burns down one of the two active mobs. When the two frozen mobs re-activate, the two clickers freeze the two that the group is fighitng and the group goes to work on the two fresh named. Rinse and repeat the click/freeze until all 4 are dead.

It took a few pulls to work it out, but once we did they dropped pretty easily. I do suggest having two healers along though as the named really pound on the tank, plus they AE and do all kinds of other fun stuff to the rest of the group.

Saturday I ran a couple of shard instances with Storm and we also managed to work WOE in there. We killed Aiden again, but no coercer arms this time.

Catch y’all tomorra.



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