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Reunited and it feels so good. June 24, 2009

Posted by castillion in eq 2, Second String.
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That’s right folks, Anep and Sasspanz are back!

We gathered together last night with 7 (later 8) people to get some plat. Think that some of Second String have been worried about funds since we haven’t been able to group x2 zones recently. Last night, We ran Protector’s Ream and Shard of Hate. Both of the zones went really well and we had a lot of trash drops in SoH. The healer gloves dropped which we promptly auctioned. Aeyanna also picked up the Signet of Betrayal for his troubadour. It’s a wonderful ring, and I rolled on it as well. I am not too disappointed about losing the roll though, as it would probably just end up killing me more than it helped me.

Wow I almost forgot, Sinnir’s shield dropped! Brace of Corporeal Darklight. We also had two Atrementous Omen drop, that went to Taylona and Rhesus, so it was a healer shield night all around

All said, we cleared about 65 plat each for the night. I can’t bitch about the plat, but I really hope we can get some decent single group time in. The plat is nice, but I still like to run the group zones and the more difficult x2 zones. I am missing the challenges that we used to have as Second String. We used to take pride into being the first through stuff or the first to take on a challenge, but lately it’s been more about filling up our banks. I hope we can work back into some challenging group content as well and maybe save the plat runs for a once a week thing.

Speaking of Shard of Hate gear, I think the Hood of Dark Dealings has been nerfed. It’s only doing about 1% of my zonewide now, which is down from about 4-5%. I though that it would escape the nerf but it doesn’t seem that it did, or something is different. I parsed it and my T3 Circlet last night and my parses with the circlet were higher, at least on a dummy. I think I’m going to wear the T3 Circlet for a bit and see how my parses do.

Tonight, VP is on the agenda. Silverwing and beyond is all that is left so hopefully it should go pretty quickly. Silverwing is an update for Seeb’s bruiser alt and Sinnir’s illusionist alt, so I know they are chomping at the bit. I guess it all depends on who’s already left for Fan Faire ;)

I’ll let you know how it went tomorrow!



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