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Pally > SK June 26, 2009

Posted by castillion in eq 2.
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Hello to everyone at Fan Fair! I hope you are having a blast and tipping one back for me (or two or three, I know how to put them away, don’t be shy).

Ahhh…it’s so nice to have Anep and Sass back. We’ve had a good run the past couple of days.

Wednesday was our last raid night of the week before everyone left for Fan Fair. We finished up VP and a couple of Second Stringer alts got their mythicals, Meya (Sinnir’s Illusionist) and Cheesecake (Seeb’s Monk) are both mythicaled now. After that, we cleared through the snake in Tombs.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

After the raid, I stayed up past my bedtime and Second String ran both of the new zones. Nothing interesting dropped, but I still really like the new Jarsath Wastes zone, Emporer’s Athenaeum. It’s just a fun zone, although I know the crowd event is just going to be annoying the 15th or 50th time you do the zone, for now it still makes me giggle.

Last night I had to work late so I was late logging on. We decided to kill RoK contested for the AA on our alts. We formed up with 8 people and killed all the Domini (except the one outside of Sebilis), Severillious and the Trakanosaurus. I was on Saynt and tanked everything. I really should have let Tarsir tank since he was along too, but screw that guy! I wanted to tank and an SK can’t hold aggro off of a Pally, especially if  you put said SK in your group and secretly put amends on him.

I don’t have any idea what we’ll be doing this weekend as there will be no raids until Monday. I am sure we’ll get some good Second String time in though!

Until then~



1. Sinnir - June 26, 2009

OMG Thats awesome hahahaha You put amends on him hahahaha im tellin!!!! i think i pee’d a lil! hahahah

2. Sinnir - June 26, 2009

that makes sense now, i was beginning to wonder because tarsir is pretty pimp these days especially being neps apprentice. i mean saynt is pretty stout but damn they should atleast went back and forth a few times. that explains a lot lol!!

3. Anep - June 27, 2009

hahaha Anep’s Apprentice =)… Tarsir is a beast now, one day I wont be a compitition at all.

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