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Women should stick to healing? June 30, 2009

Posted by castillion in eq 2, Second String.

I should have gone to fan fair. Yowzas it sounds like everyone had fun and I am green with envy. There’s always next year I suppose, although a year in an MMORPG is an eternity.

On the plus side, everyone is back, so things are getting back to normal in the guild.

Monday night was a Second String night and we formed up a couple of groups and cleared PR and SoH for our normal bi-weekly plat runs. I was bitching about it last week, but Monday I also dropped a crapload of plat buying loot rights to my T4 shoulder pattern, so now I’m poor and plat runs are much more appealing. We also ran the new JW zone, EA, and the group version of Kurn’s Tower. As an aside, we also ran EA last night and, as I predicted, the second-to-last mob, Drago, has crossed into annoying. He fd’d us like every 3% last night and the fight just dragged on forever. I hope to god that’s a bug. He really shouldn’t FD you more than twice a fight. Yeah, it was funny the first time, but not 10 times during one fight. I still really like the zone otherwise.

We were back to raiding last night and had a very good night. We started off in Ykesha’s Inner Sanctum to kill the Strange Stalker and work on Kultak the Cruel. We’ve never killed Kultak and, honestly lately we’ve had the stalker kick our ass a few times before we can get by him. Last night was different and we killed the stalker with little difficulty and headed over to work on Kultak. We finally got him down! I don’t remember how many pulls it took, but I think it was only 4. You can see my awesome screenshot work at our site – Crimson Dragons.

I am glad we killed something new. It helped to diffuse a little bit of the frustration I’ve been feeling lately. I’m sure you guys have picked up on it. It’s no secret that I am not a huge fan of our loot rules, or lack thereof. I’ve been talking about that here since I started the blog. There have been a few incidents in the past month or so that have really shined a spotlight on the reasons I dislike our non-system. It’s hindering our progress, at least in my view.

I was in a pretty snarky mood last night anyway. I was a total dick to our new recruit, not that he didn’t deserve it, but I’m typically one to let things go and have a laugh. The backstory is, we recruited a new coercer. He’s undergeared and inexperienced, but these things can be fixed with time. However, after being in the guild a little over a week, we see him mention in Level 1-9 channel about how the vast majority female gamers suck.

After his comment, this is presented to him in guild chat“woah woah woah you sayin girls suck at EQ?”

Some of his responses:

xxxx says to the guild, “I ddint say taht :P”

xxxx says to the guild, “i said the vast majority do :P Clearly you are an exception :P”

xxxx says to the guild, “I dunno though, perhaps you all are amazing players and thats awesome, I dont know ya well enough to say — all i was commenting on is the vast majority of female players I have personally played with have been removed or kicked from my guilds”

xxxx “cause they sucked — But that doesnt mean I have not met some fantastic female gamers, cause I have”

bwah? Way to make a good first impression dude. It’s probably best to keep controversial beliefs like that to yourself, especially when the guild you are applying with has such a large female presence, including the guild leaders. Why would you even join a guild led by a woman if you truly believed those things?

So, of course this sparked a heated discussion in guild chat and the ladies that were online really gave him a welcome to the guild. It also put him on my personal shit list until he makes a real apology in guild chat or on our forums. I don’t mean the half-assed apology he made after guild chat blew up in his face, after which, he continued to argue his point.

Needless to say, I wasn’t really interested in conversing with him last night when he tried to reach out to be friendly. I’m  not sure he realized that I was the same guy talking to him in guild chat after he made those remarks as I was on Saynt at that time.

Our conversation last night went like this:

Him – “did ya see the changes goign to Chanters in xpac? bleh!”

Me – “yeah I saw them, will make chanters earn their spots.”

Him – “yeah, I prefer they being forced to bring more than 1 of us though :P”

Me – “I’m sure you do.”

Yeah, I was an asshole. I should apologize but it’s too soon yet.

I’m really am not sure how I feel about the upcoming changes to chanters in the expansion yet. I’m mulling it over. It could be very good or it could be very bad. As a coercer, the multiple chanter on raids issue hasn’t impacted me too much because most raids prefer a ratio of 3 Illusionists to 1 Coercer and I doubt that Coercers will lose so much raid viability you wouldn’t want one along. I am sure it’s going to get increasingly harder to keep my spot on the parse, but if they are going to create raid events where my skillset (mez, aggro management via thought snap, etc) is actually useful, I will accept the trade. For now, I am going to stay optimistic and keep an eye out for more information in the coming months.

Tonight, I have no idea what’s on our plate, but I’m sure it will be filling!



1. Stormraven - June 30, 2009

All Im going to say is I hear you my brother and nerf coercers in 09. That is all.

2. Sinnir - June 30, 2009

All I am going to say is…I love you! :)

3. Grump - June 30, 2009

Last night: To quote (a drunk) Gerrod, who plays a chanter, “I thought women were only good for healing, cleaning and making babies.” After seeing a decent parse from our new female illusionist to DA.

4. Rhy - June 30, 2009

You are the bomb! I am not being in asshole to him . . . I just have him on /ignore. :P

5. Ysharros - July 2, 2009

I can’t comment for long, I’ve got the oven to clean, pies to bake, babies to pop out and people to heal. /yawn

Players are players. There are a butt-ton of male players who think the sun shines out of their arse when, from what I’ve seen, half the time they couldn’t find said arse with a map and a flashlight.

Thanks for the blogroll link, too! :)

6. castillion - July 2, 2009

Welcome Ysharros! Thanks for stopping by, enjoy reading your blog very much.

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