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One mmorpg man. July 29, 2009

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When last we left our intrepid adventurer he had been raiding, had made references to bean bag shots, and was trying out LotRO. Let’s look in on his progress now….

First LotRO. I have nothing to say as I have not played it at all. So far, it has not really captured my attention. I haven’t given it a fair shake yet though. I try, I really do. I look at the icon on my desktop and think “Oh LotRO, you are so new and different to me. How I would love to click you. Would you be open to some clicking? I know you would, you dirty dirty little mmo. You want me to click you don’t you? I think I will…”


Sorry LotRO.

Back to EQ2 sigh.

Here’s my raiding update. There’s no update. We’ve killed the same shit. Kultak, Switchmaster, Thet. No new mobs yet, although we are finally going to put a full night of work in on Xebnok tonight hopefully. Xebnok, you’re going DOWN BITCH (don’t hurt me).

Second String has had some good times. Taylona got his berserker alt his mythical, he is like the 17th tank in SS to be myth’d. I kid, but all the dudes in SS do have a tank alt. The chicks don’t because we all know chicks can’t tank. Well Sass has a tank alt, but it’s a dude, so not sure where that fits into everything. So, we’ve made Tay tank a few shard zones on his zerk, we’ve also worked in a Varsoon kill or two, PR, SoH, some other stuff that I don’t remember. We’ve laughed a lot.

Friday night raid night we continued VP. It’s worth mentioning because I got to tank! Yes, we had an extremely weird raid makeup and were missing almost all of our tanks. Stormraven ended up MTing and I OT’d on the Pally. We cleared Nexona, Druushk and through Hoshkar. It’s was awesome! A really nice change of pace for me. I can’t believe how smoothly it went. It’s a very rare occasion that I get to play anything but the coercer on a raid, so I was stoked. In fact, we had to have like 5 tanks not show up for the raid for them to even remember I have a tank alt. I’m pretty sure they are asking the other tanks to retire right now after my awesome showing.

Speaking of VP (man all the segues today), we didn’t finish the zone as an official raid, but a bunch of us formed up last night to kill Phara Dar for the pants drop and Silverwing for a couple of our Illy alt mythicals. A shout out to Hugegnomecicles of our sister guild BLAVEK LOST THE GAME. Congratulations on your mythical, it was awesome seeing your name and guild tag broadcast to the entire server.

Outside of all that, I’ve managed to put a little work in on both Cilantro and Saynt. They’ve both got their TSO endlines now and are both geared decently well. I want to work on Cilantro a bit more before the expansion and I have 4 more AA to get on Castillion to be maxxed, so there’s that as well. I’ll fill ya in on all that as it happens.

Vaya con Cheetos.


The Legend of the Rent was Way Hardcore. July 23, 2009

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I am tired today and I blame my co-workers. I shall assplain shortly.

First the EQ2 meat and potatoes. We raided last night. We started off with Ykesha’s Inner Stronghold. One-pulled the Strange Stalker and one-pulled Kultak the Cruel. BAM! It was nice to see the progress and I picked up a nice new belt with 6 crit and some pet bonuses that was totally awesome until something I wanted more dropped later in the night, then I hated that fucking belt. PIECE OF CRAP. I kid of course. The belt is a really really nice piece (of crap. I hates it and will forever hold a grudge).

After YIS, we shot over to TotMC. The first 3 named dropped faster than yours truly after a shot to the beanbag. I remember when that snake used to give us grief. Man we were pansies back then. Not me though. Other people. The secondary/ranged item that I’ve been wanting, the +3 spell crit and +3 spell crit bonus one that drops from trash, that NEVER FUCKING DROPS UNTIL THE DAY I WON SOMETHING IN YIS FIRST, dropped. Did I mention my belt?

We put a few pulls in on Xebnok. We didn’t kill him but we made great progress, better than I expected. We didn’t get as many pulls in because a snafu we had with selling raid loot. Here’s a hint to all buyers of raid loot: when you win the bid, BE READY TO HEAD TO THE GODDAMN ZONE. Waiting until the chest timer is almost up before sending me a tell that you are outside the zone while we are all wanting to finish up a few extra pulls and having to wait on your ass will cost you the loot next time.

Now, the reason I am tired. A friend bought Sin and I a copy of Lord of the Rings Online. Of course you know I had to install it and try it out. I ended up making 3 characters on Elendilmir, a Lore Master, Guardian and Champion. It’s a fun little game but that, so far, seems much more laid back than EQ2. I really don’t know much about it as I haven’t even managed to get Castillion the Lore Master done with the newbie quests yet. It’s something we may mess around with now and again when we need a fix of ‘oh no we’re not hardcore’ (cue Jack Black).

Racism at it’s finest. July 22, 2009

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Well, I was wrong about VS. It was not a 5 minute fight. It was a 3 minute fight. The encounter is ridiculously easy now and I am betting we can one group it. I am not complaining though. It was much too difficult for it’s place in progression previously and anything to make mythical backflagging less painful is a-ok with me.

We followed VS up with Thuuga and Leviathan and then started the clearing in VP, although we didn’t get any farther than the first two trash named. I assume we’ll be back in VP tonight. It’s been a while since we’ve been there, so it should be fun. I do wish I could bring the swash, but as I’m the only coercer main in guild at the moment, that is not going to happen ;)

Speaking of the swash, I respec’d his AA last night so he now has both TSO endlines. He’s still a little light on gear compared to my other characters, but he’s coming along nicely in full T2 and once piece of VP. He’s also got a piece of T3 in his bags but it’s the wrong piece and would require me to totally redo his T2 sets to wear it, so it’s rotting at the moment.

The gear isn’t holding me back too much and I am really pleased with the swash’s progress. We took him to Guk: Halls of the Fallen last night and I hit a new high parse of 11.5k with Cilantro with most parses hovering around the 8 – 9k marks. I am pretty pleased with that and excited to see what I can get him too when I get a little more plat to spend on him or some lucky alt rolls in raids.

We also managed another Varsoon kill last night for Chus’ troubadour alt update.. We made Tarsir (Rhesus’ SK alt/main (I think the warden is on his way out)), tank it. We one pulled it. I couldn’t believe how easy it’s become, even with a new(b) SK tanking. Rhes picked up the GVB bracer for melee and Chus got a new master for his troubadour, so it was a nice kill.

Rhes is also not really a newb on his SK. I give him crap (like suggesting 17 other tanks that could tank Varsoon while we were heading there) but he’s really doing well on the tank. I think it’s just because SK’s are overpowered though. Pretty sure.

Anyway, back into VP tonight probably, but I’ll let you know for sure!

P.S. – The title is a joke only Second String will get. Sorry.

Lazy Days of Summer? Whoever wrote that was high. July 20, 2009

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Well it’s been a few days since I’ve updated. It’s been pretty quiet in game as we’ve been busy with family time.

On the raiding front, we managed to kill both Switchmaster and Kultak again. Kultak is actually pretty simple now that we have our strat down. Switchmaster is still one of those mobs that gives us issue. There’s just such a heavy reliance on everyone paying attention and reacting that a one pull on Switch will always be hard for us I think.

I haven’t been on a ton outside of raid nights. We’ve worked in a PR clear. I tagged along on the Sunday hate raid that’s become a routine for me. There’s been an instance or two and some alt epic updates worked in. An hour here and an hour there. Summer is winding down though, so game time should be back to normal and Sinnir back in game full force soon.

Tonight is VS and Leviathan. I’m really interested in seeing the new and improved VS and I expect it to be a 5 minute thing. Here’s to hoping!

Switchmaster spanked us. July 15, 2009

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Switchmaster spanked us. Get it? Switchmaster? Switch..oh forget it.

Monday night was raid night. It was the first time we had pulled Switchmaster since the last time when we killed him for the first time.

 Switchmaster killed us. Some of our individuals did not pass the individual skill checks. You know who you are. I don’t need to name names. I’m not going to point fingers, but it was you. Yes, I’m talking to you. Send me a tell later and we can hash this out like adults.

(aside: hashing it out like adults in my experience means we yell a lot slam some doors, stop talking to each other for a few hours, then pretend like nothing happened and have some sex. You down?)

We did get Switchmaster to 42%. I know I shouldn’t be satisfied with that, but it reminded me that we can actually kill him and we were just having an off night. As my high school football coach would say, we had the skill but we didn’t have the desire. It’s all about your mindset. Get your mind right son!

After the raid, Anep, Taylona, Elonias, Sasspanz and I went and 5-manned PR. I needed plats as I’m broke from spoiling my alts that I will probably never play in any serious capacity again. Plat well spent I say. Does anyone want to buy a seriously spoiled Paladin and Swashbuckler? I’ve decided on a new naming scheme for my alts, Albatross1, Albatross2, Albatross3, etc.

Ah ! well a-day ! what evil looks
Had I from old and young !
Instead of the cross, the Albatross
About my neck was hung.

Coleridge may not have known it, but he was definitely talking about alts.

Last night was a little of everything. We started the night helping Elonias with his SK alt’s fabled epic. Rhesus was on a pug in JW EA on is SK alt (everyone has an SK alt, they’re not overpowered at all) and his pug wasn’t able to kill the last named event there. We saddled up Second String and went over to finish up the zone for him. While we were in there, Anep got a tell from a friend asking if he could come help them kill Phara Dar in VP for an SK update. We brought along our entire group and helped with that. We then convinced the people in the VP raid to come help us kill Thuuga for Graybone and Taylona’s Berserker alt.

It was a pretty exciting night  all around. I love pick up raids/groups on my Coercer. It’s the only time I get to show off really. OK, I show off all the time but no one in SS or my guild gives a shit. It hurts. It really really hurts.

Tonight we are zoning back in to kill Switchmaster. The abuse ends now.

Strangest Search Term so far. July 13, 2009

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I was looking over my blog stats to see what search phrases have brought people to my site.

This was on the list:

black moon rising+porn

Now I am left to wonder just what kind of porn this person was looking for. Funnily enough, I can imagine it and I never thought of my blog title, Blackmoon’s Rising, as anything pornographic until the very moment I saw that search.

This is really very funny.

The freaks come out at night. July 13, 2009

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Yar, sleeplessness.

Friday night kicked the weekend off with raid night. We started off in TotMC, killed the snake and took a couple of pulls on Xebnok. We really didn’t have the force for him, so we decided to hop over to Ykesha’s Inner Stronghold. We blew up the Strange Stalker and even managed to kill Kultak the Cruel again. Kultak dropped a freaking awesome healer ring or earring that Taylona won. Grats Tay!

It was a great raid night and it was good to kill Kultak again. I’ve been feeling, and still feel, a little bleh about raiding. I think it’s a combination of a lot of things. One, Sinnir hasn’t been able to raid much between her health issues and family. It’s not as much fun when I can’t bitch to her about everything or brag to her when I top the parse. Two, and I am not saying this as a discouragement to any of my guild mates who read this blog, but I know that we’ve now killed all the ‘easy’ mobs and we are unlikely to kill anything new for a while. Yeah yeah, we have Xebnok to kill yet which we will probably be able to down, but after that? I think a dry spell. That’s probably just me being pessimistic though and I look forward to having to eat crow on this one.  There’s also the fact that the guild and I have different viewpoints on how to do certain things regarding raiding. Finally, Castillion is geared out in all the gear we can get at the moment and some we can’t, so the carrot on the stick doesn’t look as tasty ;)

I am sure will be over it as soon as Sinnir gets back to raiding normally in a couple of weeks or three.

After the raid, Sinnir had already dozed off and I wasn’t tired, so I thought I’d run one quick instance. A paladin friend of mine was looking for a chanter for the Kurn’s instances so I sent him a tell and we blew the zone up. It went so well that they wanted to do Palace of Ferzhul. “Why not,” I thought, “it won’t take that long.” and it didn’t, for a palace group. However, we followed that up with an Outer Stronghold run and I went to bed much much too late.

Which was a feat I repeated Saturday night. I logged on late and logged off early ;) This time it was Stormraven’s fault as he drug me around to several shard zones. I had a lot of fun though, as we always do.

Sunday I didn’t play at all as I was working on my boneless hot wings and fried pickles recipes. It takes a lot of beer to get those recipes just right you know.

Boooooorrrrrriiinnnnngggg. July 10, 2009

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Not a ton of stuff to talk about in game over the past couple of days.

Wednesday night was raid night. Trakanon was the target. We were the victims. He didn’t die. I would like to say we made some good progress, but I can’t even really say that ;). Oh well, one of these days.

Last night was a pretty relaxed night in game. Second String formed up and we started with RoK Vaults of the Eternal Sleep for a quest update for Sass and Anep’s inquisitor. Elonias was tanking on his SK alt. Afterwards, we weren’t really sure what we wanted to get into, but we decided on a run of Laboratory of Lord Vyemm. Of course this idea had my full support as I wanted to get Cilantro’s swashbuckler hats out of there……unfortunately neither of them dropped.

Sinnir and I called it a night afterwards. Sinn’s been under the weather, as I’ve mentioned, so we went to get some rest.

Tonight is a raid night, but I’m not sure what I’ll be getting into. I’ll fill ya in soon ;)

Just for the halibut really. July 8, 2009

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Well, in typical Second String fashion, we tried to 7-man WoE last night.

Wait, you ask, why 7 man it when you could just invite more people? Well, there’s a few reasons. The first reason is, Sinnir has been feeling poorly and I was very tired from working most of the night the previous night, so we just kind of wanted to take our time through it. Secondly, I had to work again last night so I knew I would be afk for an extended period sometime during the night and SS is understanding of this. Third, we wanted to get a couple of pieces for alts and it’s poor form to invite someone and then say “Hey btw you’re going to be rolling against our alts.” And finally, we wanted to see how far we could actually get.

We formed up as:

Anep – 80 Shadowknight
Castillion – 80 Coercer
Sinnir – 80 Templar
Sasspanz – 80 Assassin
Taylona – 80 Fury
Aeyanna – 80 Troubadour
Elonias – 80 Wizard

It actually went pretty smoothly. I expected us to be able to handle the easier of the named and probably get stuck on the library, the named before Aiden who is not hard but take 15 minutes to kill even with a full raid, and with Aiden himself who we were obviously not going to be killing with one group.

We killed the first 3 named with little issue. Cilantro got a new pair of gloves, which is the wrong pair unfortunately since I have wearing two split sets, and a nice new ring that I had to sweet talk Taylona out of rolling on for his alt. I used my “I’m going to hit you with a pool ball” line of sweet talking. It seems to work most of the time.

Digg was a different story. We just could not kill him with 7 people. It’s not that we were struggling to stay alive, we weren’t, it’s just that at 55% when he starts calling for snakes, we did not have enough DPS to keep him from regenerating in the amount of time it takes to get a snake and put it on him. We were constantly burning him down to 55%, then he’d regen back to 70%, rinse and repeat countless times. Eventually we decided we needed one more person and we sent feelers out. Stormraven was about to go to bed, but somehow Sinnir talked him into coming on his brig. That’s all it took and Digg dropped without any further resistance. He also dropped the Shadowknight breastplate Anep was drooling over, which is really the only reason we went to WoE in the first place.

All in all, it was a pretty fun night for me. I enjoyed the run and the more relaxed, kill-in-our-own-time attitude, it was a nice break.

Tonight we are going to try to kill Trakanon as a guild. I know we need to kill this thing, but I’m meh about it. I’m over Trakanon now. We broke up and I’ve moved on to bigger and better things. I don’t need him in my life anymore. I wish he’d stop calling.

It will be nice to mark him off as dead though, and to update the guild site for a 4th time in two weeks ;)

I’ll let you know how it goes!

148 to 173 in 3 days. July 6, 2009

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I hope everyone had a good 4th! I did. Carnivals, fireworks, monsoons…oh the times, the fun times!

EQ2 was a helluva weekend as well.

It started off with an early bang on Thursday night (early bang hahahaha – get your minds out of the gutters). SS has been wanting to make up an alt group. I’ve mentioned it for a while. We want to be able to do back to back runs of PR/SoH and whatever other zones may catch our fancy. Previously, I’ve had to tank when we did offgroupstuff, but with Tarsir being such a strong tank now and me having more 80’s to choose from, we decided I should dust off the Swashbuckler. I’ve been slowly working him up, but with the weekend being a bonus AA XP weekend, I felt it a good time to invest some time in him. So, Sinnir, Rhesus and I got our alts caught up to the Chapter 5 Step of the TSO Signature quest and we decided to knock out as many zones as we could.

We formed up as

Tarsir (Rhesus) – 80 Shadowknight
Worknemangel (Anep) – 80 Dirge
Cilantro (Castillion) – 80 Swashbuckler
Meya (Sinnir) – 80 Illusionist
Sasspanz – 80 Assassin
Taylona – 80 Fury

O.K., I freely admit that my timeline is probably a little screwy because we did a ton of instances in just a few days, but Thursday night I think we knocked out:

The Ruins of Guk: The Lower Corridors.
Veksar: The Sunken Theatre (also the first time I have run this without just charming something with my coercer and blowing the zone to bits. It was fun)
Miragul’s Phylactery: The Crucible
Najena’s Hollow Tower
Befallen: Necrotic Asylum

Friday was a work holiday so I had a little extra time to play. I quested a lot on Cilantro to work his AA a bit, then we formed up early afternoon to knock out Ravenscale Repository which we did but it was a little painful. We were planning to do the group Korsha instance afterwards, but Stormraven sent a tell about getting Sasspanz’s quest completed for the earring the Munzok’s Material Bastion as that was the raid for the evening.  Anep happened to have an instance with just Aiden up, so we zoned in and killed Aiden and completed Sassy’s quest, grats Sasspanz!

It was then time for raid and, as I mentioned, it was our first foray into Munzok’s. We zoned in a kill the first named for another guild first for the week (omg grats!) and then popped over to Tomb of the Mad Crusader and blew through the Snake.

Afterwards SS reformed and we blew up Atrebe’s and Obelisk of Ahkzul to continue Chapter 5. That left Cilantro just needing Anchor of Bazhul to complete Chapter 5.

Saturday was more questing on Cilantro and we ran PR and Shard of Hate for plat. Nothing interesting dropped but it was a fun night. Sasspanz swallowed her mic but at least she kept it out of the coffee.

Sunday I took Cilantro along on what has become a somewhat regular raid on Shard of Hate with some outside of SS/Guild friends. I was amazed what a little gear and a couple of AA can do as Cilantro was hitting 9.3k on the parse. That’s higher than I ever thought I would get him parsing, oh me of little faith. The rest of the day consisted of me questing for AA on Cilantro and a tanking an instance or two.

All in all, it was a very fulfilling weekend and the increased XP gain was amazing. I was able to get Cilantro the rest of his T2 armor and 25 AA. Yes, 25 AA on Cilantro alone in one weekend. I think I was also able to get Saynt and Castillion an AA each as well. It was a well-timed bonus weekend and it feels good to have Cilantro back up to snuff. The poor guy had been neglected.

More stories to come!