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Beer + Nerds + Comraderie = progression July 2, 2009

Posted by castillion in eq 2.
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Wow, I don’t know what’s gotten into us as a guild but I LIKE IT. It’s like everyone went to fan fair and came back ready to kick some shit.

Last night was a raid night. Switchmaster was on the agenda. Now, unless you are new to this blog, you’ve read my posts about Switchmaster many times before. I had actually just kind of marked this guy up to “We should be able to beat him, but wtfever I give” status. We’ve never had him below about 70% before. Last night, we zoned in and killed his ass. Then we ran over and killed Abstalius on our first time to pull him too.

Boo ya.

So, in the past few days we’ve had guild first kills on Kultak the Cruel, Switchmaster, and Abstalius. What the fuck guys? Did you drink beers full of ass kickery while you were at fan fair? Where did this new found level of leetness come from? I likes it! Yes!

Switchmaster dropped the Coercer gloves that I rolled on and won. I then declined them to our regular defiler raider. I want the gloves for my five piece set, but since I only have 3 pieces currently I was ok with waiting for Oogg to have them. The next time they drop I’ll take them if I win. Abstalius of course dropped the uberleet sword I want for Cilantro, but all the fucking scout mains in the guild just HAD TO HAVE IT. Clearly my new twink project needed it more.

Anyway, all this progression has rejuvenated my dark, jaded, gamer soul and I have a new vigor for raiding. Now if I could just convince others to agree with my viewpoint that /random 1000 is not the best loot distribution system and we’ll be golden. Of course, if more people made decisions like I made last night about the gloves, we’d be golden too. I should have been more greedy, conscience be damned, but I just can’t bring myself to do it as much as I try. Goddamnit I need to work on being a little more greedy with gear.

Other than that, Tuesday night was spent Second String alt style and I made about 4 AA on Cilantro. It was awesomeness. I am hoping to get some more playtime on him over this long weekend. Actually, screw hoping about it I’ll just log him on and do it.

That’s all for today folks. Nothing more to see here.



1. Grump - July 2, 2009

Kick ass! Grats on your kills and progression! Now the most of the #### block mobs are out of the way, you will find yourselves progressing further.

2. suzita - July 2, 2009

grats on the kills! (can you pass some of that fan fair ubahness our way please?! I’m starting to twitch any time I see a DOT – even if I’m running round a newbie zone :P lol)

3. Kilanna - July 5, 2009

Wewt wewt!! Well done Crimson Dragons :)

We have a /rand100 system for the distribution of our fabled lewtz too. Funnily enough, I have twice won and passed on items recently. Both times were for T3 Shard gear patterns in WoE. I would like them eventually, but was never going to remove my uber plate gloves or Rune Etched Helm so I would rather see them go to someone who will see the benefits right away.

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