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Just for the halibut really. July 8, 2009

Posted by castillion in eq 2, Second String.
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Well, in typical Second String fashion, we tried to 7-man WoE last night.

Wait, you ask, why 7 man it when you could just invite more people? Well, there’s a few reasons. The first reason is, Sinnir has been feeling poorly and I was very tired from working most of the night the previous night, so we just kind of wanted to take our time through it. Secondly, I had to work again last night so I knew I would be afk for an extended period sometime during the night and SS is understanding of this. Third, we wanted to get a couple of pieces for alts and it’s poor form to invite someone and then say “Hey btw you’re going to be rolling against our alts.” And finally, we wanted to see how far we could actually get.

We formed up as:

Anep – 80 Shadowknight
Castillion – 80 Coercer
Sinnir – 80 Templar
Sasspanz – 80 Assassin
Taylona – 80 Fury
Aeyanna – 80 Troubadour
Elonias – 80 Wizard

It actually went pretty smoothly. I expected us to be able to handle the easier of the named and probably get stuck on the library, the named before Aiden who is not hard but take 15 minutes to kill even with a full raid, and with Aiden himself who we were obviously not going to be killing with one group.

We killed the first 3 named with little issue. Cilantro got a new pair of gloves, which is the wrong pair unfortunately since I have wearing two split sets, and a nice new ring that I had to sweet talk Taylona out of rolling on for his alt. I used my “I’m going to hit you with a pool ball” line of sweet talking. It seems to work most of the time.

Digg was a different story. We just could not kill him with 7 people. It’s not that we were struggling to stay alive, we weren’t, it’s just that at 55% when he starts calling for snakes, we did not have enough DPS to keep him from regenerating in the amount of time it takes to get a snake and put it on him. We were constantly burning him down to 55%, then he’d regen back to 70%, rinse and repeat countless times. Eventually we decided we needed one more person and we sent feelers out. Stormraven was about to go to bed, but somehow Sinnir talked him into coming on his brig. That’s all it took and Digg dropped without any further resistance. He also dropped the Shadowknight breastplate Anep was drooling over, which is really the only reason we went to WoE in the first place.

All in all, it was a pretty fun night for me. I enjoyed the run and the more relaxed, kill-in-our-own-time attitude, it was a nice break.

Tonight we are going to try to kill Trakanon as a guild. I know we need to kill this thing, but I’m meh about it. I’m over Trakanon now. We broke up and I’ve moved on to bigger and better things. I don’t need him in my life anymore. I wish he’d stop calling.

It will be nice to mark him off as dead though, and to update the guild site for a 4th time in two weeks ;)

I’ll let you know how it goes!



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