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The freaks come out at night. July 13, 2009

Posted by castillion in eq 2.
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Yar, sleeplessness.

Friday night kicked the weekend off with raid night. We started off in TotMC, killed the snake and took a couple of pulls on Xebnok. We really didn’t have the force for him, so we decided to hop over to Ykesha’s Inner Stronghold. We blew up the Strange Stalker and even managed to kill Kultak the Cruel again. Kultak dropped a freaking awesome healer ring or earring that Taylona won. Grats Tay!

It was a great raid night and it was good to kill Kultak again. I’ve been feeling, and still feel, a little bleh about raiding. I think it’s a combination of a lot of things. One, Sinnir hasn’t been able to raid much between her health issues and family. It’s not as much fun when I can’t bitch to her about everything or brag to her when I top the parse. Two, and I am not saying this as a discouragement to any of my guild mates who read this blog, but I know that we’ve now killed all the ‘easy’ mobs and we are unlikely to kill anything new for a while. Yeah yeah, we have Xebnok to kill yet which we will probably be able to down, but after that? I think a dry spell. That’s probably just me being pessimistic though and I look forward to having to eat crow on this one.  There’s also the fact that the guild and I have different viewpoints on how to do certain things regarding raiding. Finally, Castillion is geared out in all the gear we can get at the moment and some we can’t, so the carrot on the stick doesn’t look as tasty ;)

I am sure will be over it as soon as Sinnir gets back to raiding normally in a couple of weeks or three.

After the raid, Sinnir had already dozed off and I wasn’t tired, so I thought I’d run one quick instance. A paladin friend of mine was looking for a chanter for the Kurn’s instances so I sent him a tell and we blew the zone up. It went so well that they wanted to do Palace of Ferzhul. “Why not,” I thought, “it won’t take that long.” and it didn’t, for a palace group. However, we followed that up with an Outer Stronghold run and I went to bed much much too late.

Which was a feat I repeated Saturday night. I logged on late and logged off early ;) This time it was Stormraven’s fault as he drug me around to several shard zones. I had a lot of fun though, as we always do.

Sunday I didn’t play at all as I was working on my boneless hot wings and fried pickles recipes. It takes a lot of beer to get those recipes just right you know.



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