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Lazy Days of Summer? Whoever wrote that was high. July 20, 2009

Posted by castillion in eq 2.
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Well it’s been a few days since I’ve updated. It’s been pretty quiet in game as we’ve been busy with family time.

On the raiding front, we managed to kill both Switchmaster and Kultak again. Kultak is actually pretty simple now that we have our strat down. Switchmaster is still one of those mobs that gives us issue. There’s just such a heavy reliance on everyone paying attention and reacting that a one pull on Switch will always be hard for us I think.

I haven’t been on a ton outside of raid nights. We’ve worked in a PR clear. I tagged along on the Sunday hate raid that’s become a routine for me. There’s been an instance or two and some alt epic updates worked in. An hour here and an hour there. Summer is winding down though, so game time should be back to normal and Sinnir back in game full force soon.

Tonight is VS and Leviathan. I’m really interested in seeing the new and improved VS and I expect it to be a 5 minute thing. Here’s to hoping!



1. Angry Raider - July 20, 2009

I had dreams and aspirations of being a raider in EQ2. Sadly, I leveled a shadowknight, unaware of what endgame bore for me.

At least I can read about your experiences!

2. Sinnir - July 21, 2009

Winter is coming sweetness! Soon enough their will be veggie lasagna in the oven and flat beer in yer glass :P

3. Chus - July 23, 2009

Flat beer and veggie pastas? Why don’t you just stab him in the chest!

Yea for super nerf VS. may we never have to see him again…again.

4. castillion - July 23, 2009

A.) Beer is beer, so don’t threaten me with a good time.

B.) Chus. One of the first meals that Sinnir ever made for me was Vegetable Lasagna.

Wait, before I talk about that, let me say Sinnir is a much better cook now than she was then.

Back on topic, the vegetable lasagna. It was disgusting. Like one of the worst things I have ever put into my mouth. I slapped a smile on my face and had two helpings and pretended though, all the while secretly telling myself to make sure we never live far away from restaurants ;)

We still laugh about it now :p

5. Ysharros - July 23, 2009

Hahaha niiiice title! I’ve been seeing the same thing lately.

1. Get new computer. Think YEEHAW, gaming here I come!
2. Have duff vid card
3. Go back to old comp and get slammed with work (I work from home).
4. Weep as shiny new comp sits in corner, and weep some more since there’s no time to play anyway.

Lazy my ass! :D

Great site btw, even if you *are* a raider. /grin /flees

6. Shmooove - July 24, 2009

No need to run, Ysharros. Raiders sucks, everyone knows that.

The first meal my wife cooked for me was chicken with mango salsa. Needless to say, I married her. ;D

Anyway, hope you guys are doing well. See you in game one of these days …

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