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The Legend of the Rent was Way Hardcore. July 23, 2009

Posted by castillion in eq 2, Second String.
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I am tired today and I blame my co-workers. I shall assplain shortly.

First the EQ2 meat and potatoes. We raided last night. We started off with Ykesha’s Inner Stronghold. One-pulled the Strange Stalker and one-pulled Kultak the Cruel. BAM! It was nice to see the progress and I picked up a nice new belt with 6 crit and some pet bonuses that was totally awesome until something I wanted more dropped later in the night, then I hated that fucking belt. PIECE OF CRAP. I kid of course. The belt is a really really nice piece (of crap. I hates it and will forever hold a grudge).

After YIS, we shot over to TotMC. The first 3 named dropped faster than yours truly after a shot to the beanbag. I remember when that snake used to give us grief. Man we were pansies back then. Not me though. Other people. The secondary/ranged item that I’ve been wanting, the +3 spell crit and +3 spell crit bonus one that drops from trash, that NEVER FUCKING DROPS UNTIL THE DAY I WON SOMETHING IN YIS FIRST, dropped. Did I mention my belt?

We put a few pulls in on Xebnok. We didn’t kill him but we made great progress, better than I expected. We didn’t get as many pulls in because a snafu we had with selling raid loot. Here’s a hint to all buyers of raid loot: when you win the bid, BE READY TO HEAD TO THE GODDAMN ZONE. Waiting until the chest timer is almost up before sending me a tell that you are outside the zone while we are all wanting to finish up a few extra pulls and having to wait on your ass will cost you the loot next time.

Now, the reason I am tired. A friend bought Sin and I a copy of Lord of the Rings Online. Of course you know I had to install it and try it out. I ended up making 3 characters on Elendilmir, a Lore Master, Guardian and Champion. It’s a fun little game but that, so far, seems much more laid back than EQ2. I really don’t know much about it as I haven’t even managed to get Castillion the Lore Master done with the newbie quests yet. It’s something we may mess around with now and again when we need a fix of ‘oh no we’re not hardcore’ (cue Jack Black).



1. Aeyanna - July 23, 2009

LOL I have started entertaining the thought of checking LotRO out because my wife’s best friend plays it, and all such games tempt me to one degree or another.

2. Nugsi - July 23, 2009

got a lvl 50 Hunter and er soemth level mini, think a loremaster to!

I have fun there, the devs put alot of work in staying in continuaty of Tolkein Lore, so its nice to rummage in that realm time to time. And as far as hunter/ranger goes, its the funest version of that archtype I’ve played out of all the Mmo’s ive tried.

……skittles off to shine his new precious symbol……….
my precious………

3. Kilanna - July 28, 2009

Oh how exciting … you made your toons on LOTR on the same server as I did!!!

4. castillion - July 29, 2009

It’s a small world Killy :)

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