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I miss my drinking buddies already. August 31, 2009

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and it sucks.

 Sasspanz and Anep are officially offline and out of EQ2 for a bit. Second String is kaput for now. The only regulars that are still logging on are me, Sinnir, Taylona and Elonias. We hardly ever hook up with Elonias though as he’s in a different guild and raids opposite nights of us. So, we’re down to half a group. We definitely miss Sassnep and hope they return soon.

In the meantime, I’ve been raiding and we’ve been grouping a lot with Stormraven on his alt and half his crew. It’s been a lot of fun, when I haven’t been swamped with work.

Friday I was able to catch the last hour or so of raid. It appeared we had a lot of new/casual raiders on the raid and they were really struggling with Thet-em-aua. I guess it happens and a lot of our core raiders were out. We did finally get him down though.

We grabbed Stormraven on his warlock after the raid and I tanked a few instances until we were all falling asleep at our desks. Saturday was more instance fun with Storm, Rhyanna and Enotirab along with SS.5. Taylona tanked and I brought along the chanter to help twink Storm’s warlock alt Ravenlaw.

I have a lot of fun with Storm and crew, but I do miss the drunken put downs that we participate in in Second String. SS, we like to see how mean we can be to each other and have a bunch of alcohol at the same time. It’s funner, and funnier, than it sounds. We’ll break the others in though ;)

Swapping to Aion…

Aion Open Beta is set to start Sunday. I’ve got my client downloaded and am ready to go! I definitely am itching to put in a little more beta time, but I think I will take it a little slower than Closed Beta so I don’t get Aion overload and burn myself out. I’ll probably play Elyos in the beta as I plan on playing Asmodian in live, so I want to save that half of the game.

I guess I am planning on playing Templar. Sin was originally planning on playing something other than a cleric, but she has (as I predicted :p) decided to return to her roots. That means I’ll probably play the tank as I usually do, for us to duo and for our static groups I hope. The concern I have is the same reason I am not playing a tank in EQ2. There’s just not room for tanks on raids in most EQ2 guilds. I am hoping that once we find a larger guild in Aion (as I am sure we will), that they have a spot for a Templar. I am fine with competing for that spot if need be, but often the tank roles are also some of the ranking guild members, so it’s hard to oust them, even if you might be better suited for the job. We’ll see how it goes. I expect a lot of people will burn out on tank well before they hit level cap. Tanking is not the easiest position, and it definitely will not be the most rewarding position in PvP. Being kited sucks :p

Anyway, hopefully my concerns will not be realized and we’ll find a nice home. It’s all conjecture at this point anyway really. We may have all of Second String or a more static crew than I anticipate us having and I’ll have to play some other class ;) We shall see.

Anyway, that’s all for today!


Wow, that’s tiny. August 28, 2009

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Woooooooo Wee! What a week! I’ve barely had time for breathing much less EQ2, so there’s not been a lot to update on.

Raidwise I believe the guild has been exploring TSO and working on Tythus. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to attend this week. Hopefully tonight!

I was able to get on a little bit last night, long enough to hook up with Stormraven on his warlock alrand gather up Sinnir and taylona and hit a few instances. We grabbed Enotirab and a new warden to the guild. He needed updated for his fabled epic, so it was off to Maidens with A Chelsith followup. Those zones are just ridiculous now. Poor Tay didn’t have a chance to tank with all of us casters immediately seeing how many sparklies we could make.

We did get Shadowpaws his fabled and congrats again.

We finished the night out with Anathema and The Crucible. It was a fun and relaxed night, something I haven’t had a lot of lately so was definitely due.

Tonight we’re off to raid something TSO, I’ll fill ya in next time!

Back in the Saddle Again. August 25, 2009

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OK guys, the traveling male stripper comment was a joke. I will not come to your birthday parties, bachelorette parties (or bachelor parties, you know who you are), or family reunions. I was just kidding.

I don’t travel.

I’ve been back to raiding some. I was able to get in on the end of Friday night’s raid as I finished up work in a timely manner. It was just in time to kill Xebnok again. We are really getting that fight down now. It’s good to see and the hat is a nice upgrade for most classes (the ones that didn’t get screwed on sets like chanter). I am actually hoping to get mine, as that’ll give me my 5 piece bonus.

Last night we were back in Palace, our favorite favorite zone. I don’t know why Switchmaster gives us so many problems because he’s really not that difficult. He’s currently our hardest mob though, we’ve killed Xebnok more than we’ve killed Switchmaster. Last night, we finally beat him again, after several pulls. We called the raid after that, so no Abstalius and no shiny new secondary/ranged item for me. Now I have to wait until Wednesday because he IS going to drop it and I AM going to win it.

Outside of the raiding I haven’t been on a ton. Oh! I also solo tanked WoE on the pally, even killed the dragon! Earlier in the day I had pug’d Palace on the tank, which was my first time to tank it, much less for a pug. It went fairly well although we weren’t able to get Ferzhul down, partly my fault, and partly that we had a solo Warden healer. I know she’s solo healed the zone before but that might be a lot to ask from an alt tank, although Saynt is geared decently well.

I’ve got to get to tanking some as I’ll be tanking in Aion ;)

Have a wonderful day folks!

SS Music Video, OH HELL YES August 21, 2009

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OK, for those that didn’t notice My Lovely Wife has changed her site once again and is back on wordpress. She’s also made a Second String music video which is totally awesome! Go watch it, I’ll wait.

I’m under RobenWizhat. August 21, 2009

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Whew! I mean to post the past two days I really did but haven’t had much time to breathe with work.

Wednesday night I was able to raid and we killed Xebnok again, then Kultak in YIS and had time for one pull on Switchmaster! It was a pretty impressive night and I had a lot of fun. We still need to get that yellow screen down on Switchmaster ;)

I actually felt excited about raiding the rest of this week, but I will be working all weekend and will miss out, or rather, they will all miss me. (omg I’m kidding)

I wish I had more to write about but unless you guys want to hear about my worklife, we’re done for this week. Work is pretty boring anyway for the most part. I mean the life of a traveling male stripper is never THAT boring, but I guess we can get used to anything.

Hit me up on Craigslist.

Why do I punish myself so? August 18, 2009

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I know, I know. I promised an update and I didn’t deliver.

The fact is, I didn’t play EQ2 again last night. I just extended my Aion vacation by a day. I don’t know what it is. I guess there’s a combination of a lot of things, some guild drama, general ennui about the game currently, a lot of Second String on hiatus…I just haven’t felt much like logging in.

You know when your friend lets you drive his shiny new Mercedes around the block, then you get back in your minivan to drive home and think “I wonder if I crashed into that tree and set my van on fire, if I could make it look enough like an accident to get the insurance money? I could totally get a Mercedes then.” Yeah, Eq2 is my minivan at the moment. Maybe it’s just me.

Don’t get me wrong. Aion is not all that but it’s different and it’s pretty and sometimes change for change’s sake is enough. I’m sure I’ll be crawling back to SOE like so many times before.

I am signed up for the raid tomorrow night, and if I can muster up enough gumption I’ll log in tonight and tomorrow and have some updates for all of you.

Until then, stay vigilant!

Aion Beta Weekend August 17, 2009

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Lot of computer time this weekend. “Really?”, you ask. “Please tell us all about your adventures in Norrath.” Well, let’s start it this way. THERE WERE NONE O.M.G.

That’s right, it was Aion beta weekend and we played that from Friday night through Sunday morning (Sin and I didn’t play at all on Sunday proper). I’ll talk a little about the game as we’ve experienced it, but I can say, the more I play, the more I like it. I expect Sin and I will play it quite a bit at launch.

That being said, here’s what I did. I played all 4 classes (Mage, Scout, Warrior, Preist) up to level 10, and some beyond, although only slightly. I didn’t want to play too far beyond level 10 because I want to save the surprise for when the  game goes live. Level 10 is when you get your wings and I just had to have my wings on all my toons. I played 2 characters to level 10 on the Elyos (light) side and 2 characters to level 10 on the Asmodian (dark) side. I don’t say evil and good because it’s all a matter of perspective, isn’t it? ;) You guys that read the blog know I would prefer the Elyos side as they are more human or barbarian looking, but I got outvoted 500 to 1 and we’ll be starting Asmodian at live. That’s fine though, I created a look that I could bond with this weekend.

I’d like to heal in this game again. I’ve played the healer role in many of the games we’ve tried and I’ve got the itch to get back to that. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to though, as we may need a good tank and I fit the bill for that too. It definitely doesn’t look like we’ll be needing DPS.

Listen to me, talking like we have a large group coming over. We really don’t. Some of SS, a couple of friends from work, maybe some other friends from EQ2. I’d like to see several people come over that tested it this weekend, but I don’t know how likely that is to happen. We’ll also be balancing time between Aion and EQ2, so there’s that, at least, that’s the plan for now.

Aion is fun. It’s pretty. It’s different enough to be interesting and there’s going to be pvp. I have been missing pvp and pvp in EQ2 is lackluster at best. Then there’s that whole flying thing, which is just tons of fun. It looks promising so far, but I’ve been burned before, so staying wary ;)

That’s all I’m goign to say about that probably until it releases next month. Stay tuned for more Norrathian adventures in between!

Deep in the night, I am looking for some fun. August 12, 2009

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Ok, so occasionally Second String will find a video on YouTube and it instantly fall in love with it and make jokes for weeks about it. Remember Benny Lava?

Well, Anep recently discovered Günther and his hit remake of Tralala (SFW version). You can also view the more MTVish version here Tralala Actual Video (NSFW). It’s not hardcore porn, but I still wouldn’t watch it in your cube.

Anyway, it’s had us singing “Oh you touch my tralala. Mmmm..my ding ding dong.” for several nights now and it’s encouraged Anep to go for a new look IRL. It also prompted Anep to change his dirge’s last name last night, and of course I had to get into the act.




Now, you’d think that would be taking a joke far enough. Of course, if you thought that, you don’t know Second String. I’d like to say that the following pictures took some prompting from the SS ladies but, in truth, they were mostly Anep’s ideas. For example, we decided that we needed a little better pose for a picture after we went and changed our names…




Which OF COURSE got cheers from the laides. I mean, really, how would it not? Spurred on by our adoring fans, we started to get into the spirit of it and even worked out some synchronized posing.




Posing, as we all know, leads to dancing and dancing leads to pure sexiness:




It was starting to get a little warm in the guild hall with the pure essence of jungle animals wafting about in the air. The ladies were starting to find it hard to resist joining in. We didn’t need just any lady though. We needed a certain type of lady. We needed a mangina. Enter Taylona:




After that display, well clothes just started flying off in the guild hall. Panties were strewn at our feet, some of them looked liked jock straps, but it was probably the light. Suddenly we found ourselves surrounded, surrounded by pussycats.




I probably should have warned you that this post contained dangerous levels of sex appeal before you read it. I know it’s too late now. Try a cold shower. Maybe two.

New mob! August 11, 2009

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Xebnok the Wretched is dead. It really didn’t take us too long to beat him once we started to seriously work on him. (I’m sorry but I don’t think 30 minutes of pulls at the end of a raid night is serious work on a new mob ;) However, the last time we were in the zone we spent the entire night working solely on Xebnok and it paid off last night. Congrats Dragons! I was really excited to finally down him and totally surprised we were able to get it done last night. He dropped the fury/monk/troubadour/wizard helm pattern and a nice healer item.

That gives us the ability to get 4 t4 patterns, helm, gloves, boots and bracers. Pretty exciting! I’m not certain what the next mob for us in progression is, but I’ll be happy to work Xebnok a little more to get him on farm status and get a few helm patterns into the guild.

I called it a night after the raid as we were all pretty tired. I’m not sure what’s on my plate tonight, but I’m sure it’ll be filling. I’ll give ya the gories tomorrow.

HAY U GUYZ! August 10, 2009

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6 days off and I am refreshed, rejuvenated, and MY TOOTHACHE IS GONE. That was the worst thing ever. You know when a you are at a railroad crossing and the passing train decides to blow it’s whistle right in front of your car and the blare rattles in your head until your teeth chatter? Yeah it was kind of like that for a week, but instead of the sound of the horn, imagine the train running over your face.

I’ve managed to get a little playtime in since last we spoke, although it has been lighter than usual. Last Friday’s raid was cancelled due to lack of participation. I think last Wednesday’s raid also suffered from the same issue, I was not there however as I had spent the day getting needles shoved into my face. I guess I was not the only person feeling a little burnout.

I feel much better now though. I think it was the stress of the summer combined with the 5 days pain induced sleeplessness that made me less than my usual cheery self. I’m ready to get back to raiding a bit.

I did discover that I am perhaps the only person in Second String that actually enjoys raiding. Sinnir, Taylona, and Sasspanz enjoy it in small doses I suspect, but they burn out faster than I do and would probably just rather spend the time grouping. I’m the black sheep ;) Although I am also feeling the burn and am thinking that the three day per week schedule might be heavy with my current mindset. We shall see.

I managed to get a lot of time in on Cilantro this weekend, which might also be part of the reason I am feeling rejuvenated. I love playing Castillion, but switching it  up occasionally is nice too. Unfortunately I’m cursed with my own competence on the chanter and am usually playing him as he is the most needed.  Getting back to the swashbuckler  for a bit was nice. I played him a little with SS throughout the weekend, but also managed to get  him in on a WoE run a friend of mine had set up. I picked up the T3 swash pants and finally turned my t3 gloves in, so that puts Cilantro in 2 pieces of t3, I also bought him t4 braces, so he’s got his first piece of t4 as well. His gear is coming along nicely and I plan on picking up more T4 for him now as I farm plat.

I was able to bring him along on what’s become my regular Sunday Shard of Hate pick-up raid. I parsed 8k zonewide, including the sisters fight. I know that might not seem like a lot to some, but for me it was really nice to hold that for zw. Most of my parses were up around the 9.2k – 9.4k marks. I was pleasantly surprised and came in second on the parse, 600 DPS behind a really good wizard. Pretty pleased with myself if I must say.

I’d like to get him involved in more raids, but there’s just not a spot for him at the moment and my coercer is not replaceable right now either, so it’ll have to wait for a while.

Tonight we are back in TSO and I’m hoping that we kill all the easy mobs and save the progression work for Wednesday. Monday’s just suck enough already without beating your head against a progression mob during the raid too ;)

Miss me until tomorrow.