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Deep in the night, I am looking for some fun. August 12, 2009

Posted by castillion in eq 2, Second String.
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Ok, so occasionally Second String will find a video on YouTube and it instantly fall in love with it and make jokes for weeks about it. Remember Benny Lava?

Well, Anep recently discovered Günther and his hit remake of Tralala (SFW version). You can also view the more MTVish version here Tralala Actual Video (NSFW). It’s not hardcore porn, but I still wouldn’t watch it in your cube.

Anyway, it’s had us singing “Oh you touch my tralala. Mmmm..my ding ding dong.” for several nights now and it’s encouraged Anep to go for a new look IRL. It also prompted Anep to change his dirge’s last name last night, and of course I had to get into the act.




Now, you’d think that would be taking a joke far enough. Of course, if you thought that, you don’t know Second String. I’d like to say that the following pictures took some prompting from the SS ladies but, in truth, they were mostly Anep’s ideas. For example, we decided that we needed a little better pose for a picture after we went and changed our names…




Which OF COURSE got cheers from the laides. I mean, really, how would it not? Spurred on by our adoring fans, we started to get into the spirit of it and even worked out some synchronized posing.




Posing, as we all know, leads to dancing and dancing leads to pure sexiness:




It was starting to get a little warm in the guild hall with the pure essence of jungle animals wafting about in the air. The ladies were starting to find it hard to resist joining in. We didn’t need just any lady though. We needed a certain type of lady. We needed a mangina. Enter Taylona:




After that display, well clothes just started flying off in the guild hall. Panties were strewn at our feet, some of them looked liked jock straps, but it was probably the light. Suddenly we found ourselves surrounded, surrounded by pussycats.




I probably should have warned you that this post contained dangerous levels of sex appeal before you read it. I know it’s too late now. Try a cold shower. Maybe two.



1. Shmooove - August 12, 2009

You guys need help. I took a hot shower. Scalding, burning hot. To get the feeling off me.

2. Ysharros - August 12, 2009


Hahahah, great post. And yet another reason (on so many levels) why it’s a good thing we can regularly change our last names now.

Now, for some reason, I have GREASE in my head. Must be all the ramalamalama ka dinga da dinga dong.

Way too many dongs floating around, if you ask me. I’m going to report you to Tipper and the PMRC!

3. Sinnir - August 12, 2009

The tears of laughter wont stop falling! Make it stop! Is it bad i cant stop going to the website and listening to his music? I’m building a Gunther shrine right now. Cast bring home a bottle of Champagne, some funky glasses, grow a funky mustache and grow a mullet baby! ROFL….OMG MAKE IT STOP! lol

4. Chus - August 12, 2009

God I hate you guys.

Itunes just took another $1 from me because of this crap. ITS IN MY BRAIN!

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6. Ravven - September 6, 2009

hahahaha…that’s awesome. Even though I feel dirty now. :D

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