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Why do I punish myself so? August 18, 2009

Posted by castillion in Aion, eq 2.
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I know, I know. I promised an update and I didn’t deliver.

The fact is, I didn’t play EQ2 again last night. I just extended my Aion vacation by a day. I don’t know what it is. I guess there’s a combination of a lot of things, some guild drama, general ennui about the game currently, a lot of Second String on hiatus…I just haven’t felt much like logging in.

You know when your friend lets you drive his shiny new Mercedes around the block, then you get back in your minivan to drive home and think “I wonder if I crashed into that tree and set my van on fire, if I could make it look enough like an accident to get the insurance money? I could totally get a Mercedes then.” Yeah, Eq2 is my minivan at the moment. Maybe it’s just me.

Don’t get me wrong. Aion is not all that but it’s different and it’s pretty and sometimes change for change’s sake is enough. I’m sure I’ll be crawling back to SOE like so many times before.

I am signed up for the raid tomorrow night, and if I can muster up enough gumption I’ll log in tonight and tomorrow and have some updates for all of you.

Until then, stay vigilant!



1. Wolfette - August 18, 2009

some guild drama,? something new? something I have missed? or something that is in the past?

2. Ysharros - August 19, 2009


From an outsider — EQ2 ain’t going anywhere. Take a break. Have an affair with that hot asian chick — err, game, then come back to EQ2 when you realise she’s a lot less shallow and won’t cost you your life savings (even if she is a bit boringly brown).

OR… find out what’s burning you out in EQ2 and stop doing it for a while. That tends to work for me.

MMOs are like Hotel California — you can log out anytime you like but you can never leave.

3. castillion - August 21, 2009

Oh Hotel California, I always wondered what that damn song was about.

and you’re right Ysh. A little break/change will do me good. At least until there’s something new and shiny to do in game ;)

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