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Back in the Saddle Again. August 25, 2009

Posted by castillion in eq 2.
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OK guys, the traveling male stripper comment was a joke. I will not come to your birthday parties, bachelorette parties (or bachelor parties, you know who you are), or family reunions. I was just kidding.

I don’t travel.

I’ve been back to raiding some. I was able to get in on the end of Friday night’s raid as I finished up work in a timely manner. It was just in time to kill Xebnok again. We are really getting that fight down now. It’s good to see and the hat is a nice upgrade for most classes (the ones that didn’t get screwed on sets like chanter). I am actually hoping to get mine, as that’ll give me my 5 piece bonus.

Last night we were back in Palace, our favorite favorite zone. I don’t know why Switchmaster gives us so many problems because he’s really not that difficult. He’s currently our hardest mob though, we’ve killed Xebnok more than we’ve killed Switchmaster. Last night, we finally beat him again, after several pulls. We called the raid after that, so no Abstalius and no shiny new secondary/ranged item for me. Now I have to wait until Wednesday because he IS going to drop it and I AM going to win it.

Outside of the raiding I haven’t been on a ton. Oh! I also solo tanked WoE on the pally, even killed the dragon! Earlier in the day I had pug’d Palace on the tank, which was my first time to tank it, much less for a pug. It went fairly well although we weren’t able to get Ferzhul down, partly my fault, and partly that we had a solo Warden healer. I know she’s solo healed the zone before but that might be a lot to ask from an alt tank, although Saynt is geared decently well.

I’ve got to get to tanking some as I’ll be tanking in Aion ;)

Have a wonderful day folks!



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