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Wow, that’s tiny. August 28, 2009

Posted by castillion in eq 2.
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Woooooooo Wee! What a week! I’ve barely had time for breathing much less EQ2, so there’s not been a lot to update on.

Raidwise I believe the guild has been exploring TSO and working on Tythus. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to attend this week. Hopefully tonight!

I was able to get on a little bit last night, long enough to hook up with Stormraven on his warlock alrand gather up Sinnir and taylona and hit a few instances. We grabbed Enotirab and a new warden to the guild. He needed updated for his fabled epic, so it was off to Maidens with A Chelsith followup. Those zones are just ridiculous now. Poor Tay didn’t have a chance to tank with all of us casters immediately seeing how many sparklies we could make.

We did get Shadowpaws his fabled and congrats again.

We finished the night out with Anathema and The Crucible. It was a fun and relaxed night, something I haven’t had a lot of lately so was definitely due.

Tonight we’re off to raid something TSO, I’ll fill ya in next time!



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