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I miss my drinking buddies already. August 31, 2009

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and it sucks.

 Sasspanz and Anep are officially offline and out of EQ2 for a bit. Second String is kaput for now. The only regulars that are still logging on are me, Sinnir, Taylona and Elonias. We hardly ever hook up with Elonias though as he’s in a different guild and raids opposite nights of us. So, we’re down to half a group. We definitely miss Sassnep and hope they return soon.

In the meantime, I’ve been raiding and we’ve been grouping a lot with Stormraven on his alt and half his crew. It’s been a lot of fun, when I haven’t been swamped with work.

Friday I was able to catch the last hour or so of raid. It appeared we had a lot of new/casual raiders on the raid and they were really struggling with Thet-em-aua. I guess it happens and a lot of our core raiders were out. We did finally get him down though.

We grabbed Stormraven on his warlock after the raid and I tanked a few instances until we were all falling asleep at our desks. Saturday was more instance fun with Storm, Rhyanna and Enotirab along with SS.5. Taylona tanked and I brought along the chanter to help twink Storm’s warlock alt Ravenlaw.

I have a lot of fun with Storm and crew, but I do miss the drunken put downs that we participate in in Second String. SS, we like to see how mean we can be to each other and have a bunch of alcohol at the same time. It’s funner, and funnier, than it sounds. We’ll break the others in though ;)

Swapping to Aion…

Aion Open Beta is set to start Sunday. I’ve got my client downloaded and am ready to go! I definitely am itching to put in a little more beta time, but I think I will take it a little slower than Closed Beta so I don’t get Aion overload and burn myself out. I’ll probably play Elyos in the beta as I plan on playing Asmodian in live, so I want to save that half of the game.

I guess I am planning on playing Templar. Sin was originally planning on playing something other than a cleric, but she has (as I predicted :p) decided to return to her roots. That means I’ll probably play the tank as I usually do, for us to duo and for our static groups I hope. The concern I have is the same reason I am not playing a tank in EQ2. There’s just not room for tanks on raids in most EQ2 guilds. I am hoping that once we find a larger guild in Aion (as I am sure we will), that they have a spot for a Templar. I am fine with competing for that spot if need be, but often the tank roles are also some of the ranking guild members, so it’s hard to oust them, even if you might be better suited for the job. We’ll see how it goes. I expect a lot of people will burn out on tank well before they hit level cap. Tanking is not the easiest position, and it definitely will not be the most rewarding position in PvP. Being kited sucks :p

Anyway, hopefully my concerns will not be realized and we’ll find a nice home. It’s all conjecture at this point anyway really. We may have all of Second String or a more static crew than I anticipate us having and I’ll have to play some other class ;) We shall see.

Anyway, that’s all for today!



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