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7th Inning Stretch September 9, 2009

Posted by castillion in Aion, eq 2.
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Whew I have been slllaaaaaacccking with my blog updates, haven’t I? Sorry, I’ve been running around slutting it up with my new asian “friend”, Aion. Aion and more Aion. In fact, I haven’t logged on to EQ2 since Open Beta started and I will touch on that a little later in the post. But first, my impressions:

It was a little bit of a rocky start for Open Beta. There were some lag issues,client issues, game guard issues, issues issues issues. People were upset. People were very upset. People were gnashing their teeth and posting angry rants on the forums and various blogs. It was ugly. My poor little Aion. What do I think about all of that? Welcome to beta people. This is the reason for beta. Shit is going to blow up and go wrong. It’s the point. They are stress testing. The fact that you’ve been able to play mostly unhindered by lag or any other issues is really amazing. I’ve played several betas where it took me a week to move my character 5 steps (and that’s not an exaggeration). All said, for me, Aion beta has been going pretty well. Which leads into….

I’m playing an Elyos Templar, which is the tank in Aion, don’t think I’ve turned fruity and started up a healer, we save those classes for the women here. (<– that was a joke by the way, for any new Aion readers. Click the link.) I’ve managed to level him to 18, and I am nowhere near the top percentage in levels on the server, if that speaks any more about the issues affecting play so far. I’m enjoying tanking and am just breaking into the group content. Tanking seems to be more difficult than EQ2, I would compare it to tanking in EQ1 but holy shit that was a long time ago. It’s definitely going to take a little more work and skill to manage more than one mob. I like that the difficulty is upped a bit and I have a little more control over outcomes as a tank. Although, Sin is my healer and we’ve been throwing stuff at each other as we learn the game. Not really sure how well that is working out for us ;)

We have probably 15+ people trying the beta out, so that’s exciting as well. Hopefully several of them will stick around after release. The plan currently is for Stormraven and I to co-lead an Aion guild. I’m fairly excited about it. We’ve got our vent set up and I had the guild page all done except I had it set up for an Asmodian faction and it looks like we will be changing to Elyos for live. Servers have been filling up with Asmodians already and we don’t want to end up in a situation where we can’t bring friends onboard in a couple of months because the servers are full of Asmodians. I wanted to play Elyos anyway, so this is not a huge issue for me personally although I know some of us were dismayed. I’ll talk more about that progress in later blogs.

I’m really not certain yet how well Aion will hold my interest in the long term. It doesn’t seem to offer as many entertainment options as EQ2 does. There’s not as many “mini-games” so the game may fade some after I’ve hit max level for a while. There’s no housing, there’s not many instances to grind, there’s not as many pieces of armor to chase after, etc. Sometimes it’s the mini-games that keep us hanging on after we’ve maxxed everything else out. I am going to give it a real go though. EQ2 is probably going to be on the back burner for me for a while, at least a month, while I explore Aion and make a decision about it.

The blog may be updated less frequently than usual this month. I am all wrapped up in leveling in Aion and haven’t had anything REALLY exciting to write about yet, plus it’s beta so I’m not sure what I am supposed to write about and what I am not supposed to write about ;). I also leave for vacation next week for a couple of weeks (Second String get-together, hell yeah!) so I won’t be online. Plus, it’s been almost a year of me blogging and I think it’s time to take a little breather and get my wind back. Hopefully when I’m back from vacation you’ll see a new banner and a refreshed outlook on a new game. I’ll post some brief updates this week and hopefully actually get some screenshots for ya from Aion.

Till then!



1. Shmooove - September 9, 2009

Dude! Have fun … seriously. I’ve enjoyed the EQ2 reprieve as well. That’s why I’ve shut up on my blog, though really there are so many things to post about. Biking, concerts, ARKHAM ASYLUM (holy shit is it good), kiddos, wifeo, WoW (which I have switched over to for now), rafting, drinking, Star Wars: The Old Republic, the color of my dog’s poop … all SORTS of things.

There I posted it. Sort of. And in the comments section of your blog.

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