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My triumphant return! October 5, 2009

Posted by castillion in Aion, EQ2, Second String.
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I’m back! Did you miss me? Like I didn’t already know the answer to that question, hahaha! I love me.  I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long, but my two weeks of vacation turned into a month off blogging while I recovered at work and dove headfirst into my gaming addiction.

There have been several developments in my Online Gaming Habits. First off, EQ2 is out. So, if you came here to read about my uber exploits in the World of Norrath and to learn about the latest things Second String is doing in EQ2, I’m sorry but we don’t talk about that anymore. In fact, for now, Sin and I have cancelled our EQ2 accounts. We may reactivate at some later date, but I haven’t missed it at all yet.

Yes I know, I need to update my banner and I will eventually. My graphic skills are really limited though, so it may take me some time to get a banner I like again.

We are still playing and still loving Aion. I won’t be a complete fanboi and say it doesn’t have its issues but man we are having a blast there. We started up a guild led by Stormraven and me on the Marchutan server, Paranoia(fear my uber web design). We are about 15 strong and are made up of some Second Stringers, some friends from EQ2, some friends from work, and some friends of friends. It’s going well for now and I think we are all having fun. We aren’t striving to be much more than a group of friends hanging out and progressing through the game at our own speed. For now, that’s exactly what I’m wanting and, once we stabilize, we can see where the guild goes.

Second String is still going strong in the new game, although we are definitely missing some of our friends. Right now the Second Stringers in Aion are me (Mcmad), Sinnir, Taylona (Priya) and Snappe. Yes, Snappe is back! Sinnir finally decided to stick to her healing roots, so she is playing a cleric, Taylona (Priya in Aion) has decided to roll a Sorcerer and Snappe has gone with a Gladiator. Yes, Snappe is back!!! Anep and Sasspanz will be coming over soon, but they are on a gaming hiatus at the moment.

What am I doing? Well, I am playing the templar (tank) class again. My first eq1 character, Mcmad has died and gone to heaven (omglolz). I am having a blast and I’ve definitely missed the tanking role. It’s good to have the old guy back and it’s good to slip back into my comfort zone of tanking and bossing around groups. I’m really enjoying the tanking role so far. It’s much more fun and involved than EQ2 was for me, and I’m loving the aggro mini-games. I leveled him to 29 last night, one more level until the new wings!

There’s so much to talk about with Aion, my tanking experiences, our instancing, pvp, …so much! I don’t want to blow my wordwad about Aion on my first post and I can already feel this could turn into a long one, so I will save some more for tomorrow.

I leave you with a picture of McMad reborn:


The big guy in all his glory.

The big guy in all his glory.



1. Ysharros - October 5, 2009

I’m sorry, you are you again?


You’ll be back in EQ2 eventually. We don’t quit games, we just unsub for a while. (My pool money is on expansion time next year.)

In any case, it matters not what you play. It matters that you guys are having fun. Even if your char has girly wings. :P

2. castillion - October 5, 2009

Yes, I am me.


I probabyl will be back because SOE has a way of sucking me into games. I’ve played MMOS for 10 years and 3 of them have been SOE games and the SOE games are definitely the ones that have kept me entertained the longest. So, yeah I don’t pretend to think I am permanently out of their grasp ;). I am not an SOE hater for sure, they make great games I love. I’m just a little burned out on them for now. I am firmly in Aion’s grasp at the moment though, so the expansion will have to really be something to draw me back in.

And WHAT THE HELL??!!!?? Girly wings? Those wings are as masculine as they come. It takes some MANLY wings to haul something as handsome and well-built as Mcmad around.

3. castillion - October 5, 2009

oh and P.S. I might actually craft in Aion Ysh. I’m scared. If I do, I don’t know how I will wash the stains off of my soul.

4. Ysharros - October 6, 2009

BWAHAHAHAHA we will get you sooner or later.

My crafting gnomes in Zurich are waiting for you.

And bah, stupid stupid typos. I blame my mum, who’s visiting (and driving me CRAAAAAAAZY!), especially since she doesn’t read blogs and will never see this. :P

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