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Too many irons in the fire, and loving it. October 6, 2009

Posted by castillion in Aion.
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Fun night. I started off the night swearing to concentrate on crafting. I did for a while. I managed to get my armorsmithing up to 120 and I’m close to being able to make gear I would actually wear. I’m hoping I can get there tonight.

I did have good intentions. I sat there by the forge, hammering away while I listened to Taylona, Snappe and Sinnir chatter away in vent about the FUCKING AWESOME OMG pvp they were doing. It didn’t take long before I felt like the kid being held after school, sitting in the classroom watching all my friends jump and play outside on the swingset. So, I hung my hammer up and ran over to the Abyss to kill some Asmodians.

My god was that fun. There was a huge extended battle that raged for hours between a large group of Asmodians and Elysians. I had so much fun and even came out ahead in Abyss points and garnered about 90 kills. PVP is addicting and it’s easy to lose track of the time. I spent two hours there before finally dragging myself away and back to the crafting station to finish up the night.

Tonight the plan is to get another 80 points of armorsmithing or so and maybe actually make myself some armor. Then I’m going to finish up level 29 to get my cool level 30 wings before I head back to the pvp grounds.

I’m telling you, for now pvp is so much fun it’s easy to forget there’s so much more to do with the game and get lost in it.

We have done more though. We’ve run quests, killed elites as a group, I’ve pugg’d the fist instance in the game Nochsana Training Grounds, as well as tanked it several times for guild groups before I outleveled it, harvested for Kinah, Rifted into Asmodian territory there’s just been so much to do so far. I finished a quest that granted my access to some new zone last night, and I’m wondering if it’s another instance you get at level 29 – 30.

So far been so much to do I’m not really keeping up on my quests very well. I need to concentrate on those too.


Let’s hope the game keeps pulling my several places for a while. That will certainly keep me interested.

More to come tomorrow!



1. Shmooove - October 7, 2009

“Let’s hope the game keeps pulling my several places for a while. That will certainly keep me interested.”

Pulling “my several places”? Wow man, I never knew. I bet that would keep you entertained for a while.

2. castillion - October 8, 2009

hahahahahaha Damn it!

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